Sunday, November 11, 2012

David Codrea: Speculation on Holder replacement puts Deval Patrick on short list

Obama, of course, knows all this. It's why names like these would be foremost in his considerations and reflects that new-found "flexibility" he perceives is his as the restrictions that have always been his goal emerge from "under the radar." He's counting on a supportive media and an establishment Republican leadership that time and again through the years has equated appeasement with pragmatism. He's counting on an attorney general that will help him push whatever he wants through the courts and he's counting on Supreme Court replacements that will let him get away with it.


Mt Top Patriot said...

Stacking the deck in preparation for the big gun grab.

It's Waco rules writ huge.

Gonna be a blood bath.

bruce said...

coup deville will be a criminal just like holder.

Anonymous said...

Deval,. . . .
My g-father-in-law's name. I wonder if they have common ancestry in Chicago. Fortunately, my GFIL escaped from that hell-hole many decades ago.
But I think that this also answers part of the age-old question of ancestry vs environment. From this point of view, I'd say environment.

B Woodman

CowboyDan said...

Did you see Holder "forgot" to mention his wife owns an abortion clinic?

What else has he forgotten?

Toastrider said...

Before you get too paranoid, Deval Patrick is no Holder. He's more like Joe Biden. I'd be concerned, but his capabilities are, um, more than a little limited.