Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Praxis: Another Surplus Source Recommended. Great price on Woodland Army Sleep Systems.

Just received this via e-mail: I've used him, as have my friends. Good, clean, GI gear... fairly priced. His price on the 4 piece GI sleep system is a deal. (The shipped sleeping bags appeared brand new.)


Ironwill III said...

That's a GREAT price for a complete modular sleep system. I have one and might just have to buy another one or two at that price. This is the only sleep system you will ever need.

Semper Fi, 0321 said...

I paid in the neighborhood of $200 for each of mine, new and near new. That is a screaming good deal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike. Just ordered a couple of these. The bivy cover alone goes for over $80.


pdxr13 said...

CTD has the woodland gortex bivy sack in very nice condition for $40. Add your favorite vintage 10th Mountain Div. down bag to be both warm and dry without tent.

Patrol +Intermediate+compression sack is a great deal. The magic is the Gore-Tex shell, as the bags are merely excellent and part of the system.

Now, to find USMC tents for such a deal!


pdxr13 said...

I placed and order on Black Friday (busy-busy-busy, i bet!) and found a discrepancy in how it calculated some options on my order. I ordered anyway, remembering First Rule of Surplus: "Thou Shalt Buy The Desired Item While The Item Is For Sale In Front of You at a Good Price".

E-mailed Joel, got reply this am, and it was fixed in a few hours.
+1 on

They have "Brown Bear Suits", top and bottoms, for cheap! These are mid-layer of ECW system, which has served me well in damp-cold as well as dry-very-cold.