Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kurt Hofmann's latest.

Post-election guns and ammo panic buying spree has begun: There is a better way


Anonymous said...

SO......You buy a wepon, that you belive will not only be BANNED, but that you can NEVER re-sell, can't get repacement mags for,can't get AMMO for, will probebly have to turn in to the government FOR FREE. And NEVER plan to use? 'N you AR-15 guys laugh at ME for owning an M-1? Sorry but PANIC BUYING is STUPID.So now yer gonna spend 2000$ on stuff cause it MIGHT be illigle to Keep It. Yeh that makes sense.

Hefferman said...

You are better off buying ammo, and learning how to use what you have well.

Anonymous said...

They are fun to shoot, they don't tend to go down in value, and once in a very great while they are extremely useful. What's not to like?