Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oh my aching ass.

Having blocked voter ID laws and successfully covered up the Fast and Furious scandal, Holder mulls whether to continue second term in Obama administration.
But don't celebrate yet, because another F&F co-conspirator is slated for the post: Napolitano floated for attorney general.


Anonymous said...

I was kinda thinking Bill Ayers for AG, but Uncle Barry may be saving him for the Supreme Court

eddy3 said...

My ass is aching too. Their "time in the sun" is approaching.

Anonymous said...

Our country is the laughingstock of the planet. The party of Molech throws these butt ugly marxist hags in our faces and the Islamists roar with laughter. Where is our Robespierre?

SWIFT said...

Want a clear cut example of how screwed up our government is? Note the line that Janet is generally well regarded by congress. My, my, my!

Anonymous said...

Floated is the perfect word to describe what she does best, Like a turd in a toilet

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike! I been reading on line that 1/3 of the americoned sheeple WANT the TSA to stick its hand up there butts. That the "majority" want a new law MANDATEING instant obedeance to any TSA agent in ANY public place. That the TSA is to be re-named the Federal Police Agency,and given absolut power nationaly.---Ban assault rifles? HELL!If they do ANY of this, They'll have to take all the guns. But I don't know why they need too,There is no one left in the "patriot" or "malitia" camps that has the guts to use them. For weeks now,I have been reading that we must all sit Ghandi like and "submit" to our rapeist. That somehow its "Gods Will" That we must be "pacifist" to "survive". OH! BULLSHIT!!! If they take your guns. Then they take your bible. Its that simple. After that its the "Reducation camps" for most of us. PATRIOTS GROW SOME BALLS.If you won't use it,Give your rifle ammo and cammo to someone that WILL. Don't hide it in a hole in the yard for the TSA to dig up.

Non Servium said...

Well now Hillary plans to step down too. Guess they can all retire now that they did their filth.

Allen said...

here in NH they had voter ID in place..problem is, student ID is acceptable, by some liberal judge...and there were suddenly large amounts of "new students" voting here in NH.

rumor is they bussed them in from MA, got them UNH ID's, and then bussed them to key locations in the state to vote.

they used local obama supporter addresses, signed a form, and voted.

William Flatt said...

Aww crap. Another Janet as AG. I suppose come April 2013 she will call up for "a good rent-a-car" and burn down some church with the ladies & kiddies still inside. Hell, she's already got the he/she 'Pat' look down to a tee, and prolly munches some bad lunches with Hitlery down at the Camel Toe Diner.

If Anon @ 11-9-12//0306 is being straight about an expanded TSA, and couple that with the impending return of the SAWban, better get your final preps in order 'cause it's gonna start!

And I wouldn't count the militia out. It's not the same guys as 1998 or 2008, organizing 'cells' in the open. I've been doing this too long, and the hard core is running silent, mostly vets. JBT's start pushing and one day when they're being sloppy and full of ego, they're gonna get their asses handed to them on a plate. And then it's gonna get messy.

It's gonna be 'interesting'. Damn Chinese curse.

(safety off)