Saturday, November 3, 2012

B’klyn bat man: Run, looters!

Reporter once again advertises firearm ignorance.
Jacinto Gonzalez stands guard against looters in Coney Island.
Hardened New Yorkers are ready to battle lowlife criminals to protect their homes and stores in storm-ravaged areas plagued by looting and break-ins.
In Coney Island, several residents were loading up their guns, sharpening their machetes and brandishing other deadly weapons.
Jacinto Gonzalez, 42, picked up a baseball bat and stood guard outside his two-story rowhouse on West 27th Street near Neptune Avenue with his family.
Another Coney Island resident, Roberto Aviles, brandishing a rusty 3-foot machete and warning he has a gun, who has lived in Coney Island since 1995 with his wife, says he’s ready to take on phony burglars posing as Con Ed workers.
“I’m prepared inside here,” the 76-year-old Aviles said, showing off his rusted, three-foot machete and warning he had a gun.
Chris Lane, a 50-year-old resident of the Coney Island Houses, put together a small arsenal with his double pump action gun.
A "double pump action gun"?


Wraith said...

A "double pump action gun"?

Must be a KSG. ;)

pdxr13 said...

re: "Double-Pump Action"

Kel-Tec unavailable-ware.

sdharms said...

Good grief! Double pump action. Wish I had one of those. I guess that is twice as effective as a "single" pump action. Why are journalists not ashamed to be dumb?

Erinyes said...

Put together a small arsenal of one non-existent type of gun?

TotC said...

Maybe he got ahold of that vaporware known as a Keltec KSG?

anotheralabamagunowner said...

Other than the double pump action they look like Romney voters to me.

Anonymous said...

Those "double barrel pump shorguns" should solve the problem, Just love popular press,

Kerry Cowman said...

When I read "double pump gun", the first thing I thought was "Kel Tec KSG".

Lantry said...

Well sure. Moe Szylak on The Simpsons has one. That's all the firearms education lefties need to know more than us.

pdxr13 said...

I have an air pump like that. It pumps air on both the up and down stroke.

That kind of shotgun should chamber a cartridge when pushing the slide forward OR backward. Duct tape?

NYC "arsenal": more cartridges than fit in the weapon. More gun than Barney Fife.

JTwig said...

I love the line about "phony burglars posing as con-ed workers". If they are not really burglars, then what is the problem! :)

Charles N. Steele said...

Double pump action shotgun: there is such a thing.