Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How the I-594 Gun Control Initiative Passed in Washington State

The NRA dropped the ball on this. They should have started back in early summer. Not focused solely on the Puget sound, and dropped at least $1 million on TV spots the last three weeks running up to the election.


Anonymous said...

I see you think The NRA dropped the ball. Did GOA at least pick up the ball? I don't know - just asking.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

NRA "dropped the ball". What a surprise. Support the GOA. If they had the membership & funds available as the NRA has there would be a real fight.

rexxhead said...

NRA did not 'drop the ball'. Their fingerprints are nowhere to be found. They never even touched the ball.

Tom Baugh said...

While I am no fan or supporter of the NRA (since the fiasco of their support for Bush I), I cannot fault them for not buying enough media spots on this issue.

If our liberties depend on someone/anyone dropping millions of dollars into the pockets of media elites, who champion the threats to our liberties in the first place, then something is fundamentally wrong.

Identifying and fixing THAT problem would be striking at the root.

Anonymous said...

The NRA loves shit like this. They view it as job security! Why SPEND money opposing this and actually stopping it when it's passage ends up being such a great fundraiser....

Wake up Fudds. The NRA ain't there to defend your rights any more than police are. They are there to protect and grow government control! Heck, the NRA is even openly admitting it in policy position! It openly argues and fights AGAINST Constitutional Carry in favor of state government control over your rights via permission slip issuance!

Wake up Fudds! Open your damn EYES!

Anonymous said...

Well, they aren't called the "Lairds of Fairfax" for nothing!

Come to think of it, that's EXACTLY why they're called the "Lairds of Fairfax", because accomplishing NOTHING (beyond patronage jobs and direct mail contracts to the most incompetent nieces and nephews of the most incompetent of GOP elected officials) is their M.O.

Anonymous said...

The NRA could have done more for sure, they did spend somewhere north of 500K and in my county they supplied us with over 300 signs plus bumper stickers and handouts. In my district there was over 10,000 handout put out door to door. My district is mainly rural and 594 did not pass here.

If you look at the map of Washington you will find that only in the urban areas of the state did 594 pass(west of the cascades and the Spokane area), in King county alone where Seattle is located the margin was pretty close to the margin of how much 594 passed in the state (200k margin, with no on I594 only getting around 22% of the vote last I check).

Why did I594 pass IMHO is because of I591, not only did it confuse many gun owners (and suppress their votes)but it in my opinion took resources from any No on 594 media campaign by only running yes on 591 ads. I can't tell you how many gun shops and ranges I went to that had yes on I591 material but no NO on I594 material, it was like two different campaigns in my area of the state.

A good independent analysis was done by the Washington state group Freedom Foundation;


Oh BTW you want to know who the main man behind I-591 was;


The biggest promoter of universal back ground checks in the pro gun movement, it looks like he got his way in Washington state! Don't let him do it to your state!

Anonymous said...

As someone who lives in the Seattle area, the 594 campaign was a dirge of anti-gun sentimental TV ads that were false and unrelated to the topic.
The NRA could have stopped these Billionaire ads by simple truth ads, but they never did. There were so many who voted YES that never had any idea of the terrible restrictions that 594 had buried but never discussed by the pro-594 papers and TV commentators.

The NRA completely failed here, no question.

Informed42 said...

Maybe it's time for the 5,500 gun owners and the 7,500 LEO's that are opposed to the I594 bull shit
to show up at the Olympia rally with their guns, and see just who wants to try disarming and arresting them all.

And maybe it's time to put Gottlieb and the rest of the asshole's names, phone numbers, home and business addresses on a list and online, and see how they
like being 'popular'.

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of the NRA,as i believe they are a subtle Gun Control organization,much like the GOPe is not actually Conservative but working instead hand- in- hand with their fellow lefties comrades in the dem party. That being said,i believe Voter Fraud and a more than "Convenient" government sponsored "False Flag" shooting at a Washington State High School, were what caused the passage of I-594 and not the usual deliberate incompetence of the NRA!