Saturday, November 22, 2014

Connecticut Child Advocate report on Newtown argues for gun bans

Unsurprisingly, a report released Friday by the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate prioritizes placing the blame for the “Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School” on ownership of firearms, with particular emphasis on the semi-automatic kind that can accept standard capacity magazines. The “findings” are the result of direction from the Connecticut Child Fatality Review Panel “to prepare a report that would focus on Adam Lanza [and] develop any recommendations for public health system improvement that emanated from the review.”


Anonymous said...

justinwoolee calls the FBI about open border treason

Anonymous said...

Treasonous illegal alien amnesty granted by Obama

Anonymous said...

page 79 of report ... we know who needs mental health services ... whoever authored this goofy report. I expect it will be used to support confiscation of all those registered guns.

Anonymous said...

Australia and England are countries under a Monarchy. Here the People are Sovereign! That's something the dumbed down masses constantly forget when being dictated to by these self-styled kings and queens. The gun "experts" in this article should have their addresses added to the list previously compiled by the Dutchman of CT. legislators. And if and when they start confiscation i wouldn't even give them the satisfaction of letting them meet their maker by using a firearm; hand-to-hand with a tomahawk would be more than enough for their pampered little asses.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this report on the radio. It/they blame the MOTHER for not loving her spe ial precious snowflake enough, and keeping guns in the house, and not getting Adam the proper medical treatments.
Actually (not in the report), it was the STATE'S and the GRUBERCHEAT'S (my new name for the Democrats) fault. Earlier, the Grubercheats had passed s law that prevented a parent from being able to involuntarily commit a child into a psychiatric lockdown hospital for treatment.
Mrs Lanza knew the condition of her son Adam, and her own limitations in dealing with that condition, and was trying to do something about it, but was being hamstrung by the state/statists.

Now, if there were any REAL parents of dead children of Newtown, they'd want to go after the state for causing those 26 deaths. But that would require lots of time, and money (ACLU, where are you, pro bono? I thought as much), and especially THINKING.
But noooooo, most Newtown serfs would rather bleat along in chorus with the progressives, as Marxist Useful Tools (MUTs), "take away the guuuuuuns. take away the guuuns."

Enough rant
B Woodman

Adam, and was trying

Anonymous said...

netsearch on "Justina Pelletier" to
see how well Connecticut Child Advocate
perfomed when JP was khappered by MD *s
at Boston Childrens Hospital and made
a ward of the *** State of Massachusetts ***

Anonymous said...

Expect amnesties of criminals in general
but *not* of those charged with unconstitutional firearms violations
(or sundry other non-crimes; read Bill
Anderson [ and
his pages at Lew Rockwell for the latter

ag42b said...

Typical, and probably part of a trial run of the overdue CT state police report on the incident.

Where was the child advocate when the psychopathic time bomb who committed these crimes was growing up. Why was there no "intervention"?

Blaming a specific class of objects for this crime is as ignorant as blaming a particular option package on automobiles for causing traffic deaths.

I like the tomahawk idea. It saves ammunition.