Thursday, July 18, 2013

"This no longer is about George Zimmerman, it’s about a Department of Justice serving political interests."

Feds want Zimmerman, any way they can get him


Anonymous said...

I sent them a tip.

Follow the law.

Holder and the president are complicit in race-baiting the public, inciting hatred and generally being assholes.

This shit needs to stop.

SWIFT said...

It seems that every time some dirty, unethical event happens, the name Tom Perez pops up. He is a perfect fit for this administration. No cess pool is too low that he won't take a dip. Where do they get these people? Anything for a paycheck, I suppose!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "Follow the law."

Har har. That's rich. Obammy and team follow the law!

I just peed myself laughing.

Paul X said...

"Divide and rule" tactics, a common ploy by those in government. Racism would fade away if it weren't for government action inciting it.