Thursday, July 18, 2013

Angela Corey’s Checkered Past

Angela Corey.
Her peers describe an M.O. of retaliation and overcharging.
Angela Corey also starred in The Little Mermaid.


Anonymous said...

just think what she would be like in a world were she couldn't get her prozac

Anonymous said...

**sigh** Just add her name to the list of those who will be brought before the war crimes tribunal.

It's a very long list.

Anonymous said...

She looks like one of my most feared and abusive high school football coaches.

He would drool when someone bled or got knocked out.

AJ said...

I love saying that assassination is an under-utilized political tool. At least for the good guys.

John in MI said...

When I watched the post-verdict press conference I was struck by how much Angela looks like the Queen of Hearts from the 1951 Alice in Wonderland.
Seriously, google a picture of both of them and compare!