Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This from a guy whose department smuggled weapons to Mexican drug cartel murderers.

Eric Holder: Stand Your Ground undermines public safety.


Anonymous said...

Did he learn how to wag his finger from Bill Clinton?
Sanctimonious and utterly hypocritical!
Anyone capable of lying without flinching, without blinking is very dangerous. In a position of power they have the ability to be ruthless.


Anonymous said...

Ever notice how Holder seems to line up on the side of the law-breakers when it comes to law and order? At least he's consistent.

Anonymous said...

Stand Your Ground doesn't even apply in the Zimmerman case.

With a concrete sidewalk to his back, his nose broken, and having his head beat into the pavement all while being straddled by his attacker, Zimmerman had no where to "back up" to.

The "Stand Your Ground" law has to do with being able to avoid conflict by escaping or evading the aggressor. That was not possible seconds before Zimmerman pulled the trigger and therefore Stand Your Ground has NO legal bearing.

You'd think the head of the DOJ would know that.

Anonymous said...

Um, NO eric - no one has to 'stand their ground' UNLESS they are being attacked. Your comment is just plain nonsensical on its face.
I wonder if his law school records are sealed like his bosses are?