Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another less-than-optimal day.

Just now made it to the library. We had a flat tire this morning that had to be attended to. Also ran out of gas. Proper planning prevents poor performance, I keep telling myself. On the other hand, it may just be my ex-wife's voodoo doll has just had its maximum effective range entended. When I finally make it home, I'll try the paperclip trick on the disc drive. It speaks poorly of my technical knowledge that I never heard of that one before. Anyway, let's see what posts I can knock out before my electronic carraige turns into a pumpkin (the library restricts usage to one hour and one hour only).


Curtis said...

I am assuming you are using XP. Go to your Control Panel and open Internet Options then hit Settings under Browsing History then hit DELETE everything.

If using Fox, go to Tools - Options - Privacy - Cookies - Remove all Cookies.

Open Run - type cleanmgr hit ok - drive you want to clean - hit okay.

Open RUN - type prefetch - select all - delete (your copmputer will be a tad slow for a few but will catch up).

Go to your C Drive - Windows - find Temp and open - Select All - Delete.

Open RUN type ipconfig /releasedns - hit okay.

Go here:

download the free version, run, and clean out the bugs in your computer.

Anonymous said...

I live in a college town and there are a LOT of Wi-Fi hotspots close by. Whenever my primary computer decides to "Go on Vacation" it is time to dig out the laptop and head to one of the near-by hotspots for free internet. I am sure that one of your Internet Savvy readers can fill you in on what to avoid and what operating systems are not safe, to point you (and many others) in the right direction to have SAFE Wi-Fi internet and how to have the proper external hard drives to keep all your info safe. Hope this info is helpful (since I often need help myself).

Anonymous said...

Guys, I don't know about you, but now that I know Microsoft made a deal with the USG to include a PRE ENCRYPTION backdoor key into Windows,..that's it for me. Fuck MS. These scumbags are still in Damage Control mode, going so far as emailing customers saying how hard they try to "protect your data".

Protect your data. right.

Like a fox protects a henhouse.

Totally makes encryption an Epic Fail..from the getgo..which means MS is a liar of biblical proportions.