Friday, July 19, 2013

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AG acknowledges Colorado Sheriff’s right on magazine ban
The Colorado Attorney General’s office has tacitly acknowledged that Weld County Sheriff John Cooke as well as a majority of the state’s sheriffs are right when they attempted to warn that a proposed magazine ban by Democrats was on its face unconstitutional.
During the recent legislative session Democrats in what even the Greeley Tribune has admitted was an extremely partisan session pushed through a series of gun control bills after Vice-president Joe Biden visited the state. During his visit Biden said the Obama administration was hoping to use Colorado’s gun control measures as a model for other states to follow.
Also: Colorado politician equates Bloomberg bus protesters with Westboro Baptists.
We find comparisons being made to Westboro Baptist Church's infamous protests at soldier funerals to be, well, deplorably accurate,” State Representative Rhonda Fields announced to her supporters, who reacted to Brown’s announcement in comments with obscenity-laced hatred.
That would be the same Rhonda Fields “arrested in 1976 on a larceny charge and in 1991 for shoplifting,” and who "pleaded guilty to writing bad checks in 1998." That she is anti-gun is perhaps understandable, considering her son was murdered (although others have also suffered grievous losses and chosen a different path). He’d been shot and wounded at a hip hop barbecue where a friend was shot and killed. He was scheduled to testify in that case when he and his fiancée were assassinated to prevent it.
Still, to think cold-blooded killers would have been slowed down by edicts only the law-abiding will heed is, at best, naive. And for Fields to try to intimidate political opposition into silence in such a manipulative manner demands a response -- because even though we can sympathize with her loss, we have a right to defend ourselves and defend our rights, including from those who mourn.
Essentially what Fields is saying is the Bloomberg bus -- and the evisceration of the Second Amendment that it represents -- must be held as sacred and immune from protest, and if you dare disagree, you’ll be accused of being a hate-filled zealot intent on causing more agony to grieving survivors.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, we're going to be *more* than hate-filled zealots should her wishes come true.

Scouting street lights, currently, for future... repurposing.

Anonymous said...

"AG acknowledges Colorado Sheriff’s right on magazine ban"

Gee. . . ain't that sweet of him.
/sarc off

Just more Gubbment compounded fuckery.

B Woodman