Saturday, July 20, 2013

Anniversary: 20 July 1944

Today is the anniversary of Operation Valkyrie.
As a further explication in detail of my "What I Have Learned From the Twentieth Century," here is a thumbnail presentation of my own lessons learned from 20 July 1944:
1. Never swear a loyalty oath to a Fuhrer.
2. Acting sooner is better than acting later.
3. While it is theoretically possible to make a targeted assassination bomb too big, it is better than making one too small.
4. A shot to the head of a tyrant -- from distance or up close -- is more efficient, humane and doesn't suffer the negatives of collateral damage.


Anonymous said...

The bomb that went off 2ft from Hitler's leg was 5lb of "C3" an RDX HE. The bomb went off in a concrete bunker next to a heavy wooden table killing everyone within 10ft of the blast EXCEPT Adolf Hitler who was closest to it. I believe that Hitler did die that day and Bormann, Himmler and Gobbles(spell?) substituted one of Hitler's body doubles for the dead "leader" (Hitler had three body doubles one of whom had fooled Mussolini in the past) . Had they not done so the war (at least in the west) may well of ended that day. Remember the war lasted less than one year(just over 9 months) after that day and "hitler" never spoke or appeared in public after July 20 1944. In fact NO ONE who had known Hitler before the war except for the "household staff"(ALL fanatic members of the "Nazi party") ever saw him after that day and lived to tell of it. Himmler Bormann and Gobbles knew they were dead men the moment the Allies got their hands on them. They had the perfect motivation to pull a "hail Mary" play to save their own skins by prolonging the war.

Anonymous said...

Another reason guns beat bombs is precision. Bombs are inaccurate and indiscriminate. If you squeeze the trigger with the reticle well aligned your chances of success are a lot better than hoping the blast gets your intended target.

Anonymous said...

Mike Garand and Jack Lawson
Members Special Forces Association
Authors of “A Failure of Civility” at

“A man's moral worth is established only at the point where he is ready to give up his life in defense of his convictions."

German Major General Herman Karl Robert Henning von Tresckow. Leader of the failed July 20th assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler in 1944.

A courageous man even though he had been involved indirectly with German atrocities committed during World War II-This assassination attempt, code named 'Valkyrie' and immortalized by the movie starring Tom Cruise, was conceived by Joseph Stalin and the Russian NKVD Secret Police then carried out by German officers who were secretly members of or sympathetic to the German Communist Party or simply had a hatred of the destruction Hitler was creating in their homeland, the latter of which was General Henning von Tresckow’s motivation

Our grand OSS friend Sully of our Special Forces chapter read the confidential file in Brussels, Belgium in 1946.

Anonymous said...

Feels like reading Alex Jones.

Anonymous said...

It's also the anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing. Arguably one of the best things we've done as a species, but that's for another time...

I do take some minor issue with "A shot to the head of a tyrant..." though.

Let's say some brave soul had taken a shot a Hitler's head, what then?

Hitler is on the ground with a large most likely 9mm sized hole in his head in a growing puddle of blood piss and shit.

Will putting a bullet in the head of Hitler have shut down Auschwitz, or any of the other camps?

The shooter will himself be shot, or at least detained and sent off to one of the still-operating camps, probably with special "torture" orders.

Who would have replaced Hitler, now that he was assuming room temperature? Himmler? Goering? Honestly, those two might have been worse than Hitler, if given total freedom to do as the pleased. People like Albert Speer would have also kept on manufacturing munitions and kept the war going.

One man is dead, and the war-machine he built is still in tact, and his insane yes-men are still alive and well, and eventually people will realize that nothing has changed.

In the end, I'd rather let the guy who is signing the orders (People like Hitler) live, and the ones I want to take out are the low-level guys who are operating the gas chambers, or driving the trains to the camps. I'd rather shoot the one man whose absence will be felt well down the line than they guy at the top who is just calling the shots.

Someone has to flip the switch from "off" to "on" with the gas chambers, that's the person/people I want to put a bullet in.

Someone also has to turn the trains on, trains filled with people heading for the deaths. So then shoot the people who know how to operate those trains, and the trains won't go anywhere.

As a side note: I've seen photos from Auschwitz, those people who ran the camps were just like you or me:

Those women in those photos were probably in the HR department of Auschwitz. Someone went home after spending an 8-hour shift gassing men, women, and children, and forgot to punch out, so those young women had to give him a form to fix that missing punch.

Just something to think about...

Anonymous said...

"Who would have replaced Hitler, now that he was assuming room temperature? Himmler? Goering?"

Honestly while watching 'The Restless Conscience' last night with interviews of the July 20 plotters and their surviving spouses/children it occurred to me that the earlier planned putsch in 1938 was probably deliberately sabotaged from without, by the pro-Nazi elements within the City of London who had manipulated the heir to the throne (as alluded to in The King's Speech when 'Bertie' had to take over for his abdicating brother with Wallace Simpson as the satisfactory cover story, the Royal Family couldn't bloody well admit one of their own was a Nazi). Simply put had the Brits and French stood firm in 1938 the putsch might've gone off, though the fanatical Nazis may have fought off the plotters then. However Germany would've been far more weak if the war started in 1938.

Basically the London (and even a few New York) banksters had hoped Hitler would turn East early and fight a one front war with the Soviet Union, which is why everyone was so stunned at Molotov-Ribbentropp. But the Hitler-Stalin Pact was Hitler's payback against the London banksters for double crossing him and declaring war over Poland. Hitler never imagined the Brits would go to war over Poland when he'd already conquered the more strategically significant (from an armaments perspective) Czechs without a shot being fired. So he took his revenge by allying with the Soviets against the West and realizing his lifelong dream of vengeance against France. And the war drug on far longer than it should have given Germany's inferior manpower and materiel situation.

As for the 1944 plotters, it's crystal clear to me the SS had it penetrated which is why Himmler allowed it go forward even as he was secretly seeking a separate peace with the Western Allies against the Soviets (the real life backdrop behind the fictional Soviet miniseries 17 Moments of Spring, where the negotiations with the OSS are even behind a dying Roosevelt's back). Himmler hoped the plotters would kill Hitler, he would then round them up, and the SS would be left with a rump empire to manage under the Americans. It didn't turn out that way but it's clear to me even Captain Rohm wouldn't have been in the right place at the right time to shut down Valkryie had the SS not put him there under Himmler or Bormann's orders.

In other words, the plotters were doomed from the start and betrayed twice. Something any Oathkeeper or Patriot inside DoD planning a future putsch EVEN AFTER D.C. goes full fascist and starts killing or disappearing domestic dissenters into FEMA camps should consider.

Anonymous said...

Cults of personality tend to not do so well when the personality the cultists debase themselves to has a gaping hole in his godhead - or has been reduced into an undeniable laughing stock by reality.

It's why totalitarians reflexively seek to replace God above with some thing inhabiting the earth.

Could the National Socialists (calling them Nazis obscures their nature) have replaced their one-balled childless pervert god-king?

Maybe so, maybe not, but the disruption to the chain of command and resulting opportunity to dismantle said chain of command would be worth it...As when a pack of dogs fight it out after their alpha mutt has been dispatched to doggie hell, lesser dogs arising prematurely are not conducive to pack stability.

Besides, the next fresh princeling can be ushered into holey(sic) martyrdom too. Also: Cutting off the head a leviathan beast doesn't preclude attacking every other part of its body.

Free will is and always has been a two-edged sword.

Fortunately the will to liberty holds a morally advantaged higher ground over the base will to power in any contest of annihilation, and that little bit of terrain difference can be critical to determining the outcome of a battle of wills or a clash of arms. It can often enough make the crucial difference when there is a great disparity of materiel and weaponry.

Anyway, some apparatchik who's been coerced or propagandized into [fearfully] drawing a paycheck is inferior in every way to a free man drawing upon the spirit of his creator.

Anonymous said...

For all the faults of the German OKH, at least some were patriotic enough to put their lives on the line to remove the cancerous CinC.

Can't say the same thing about our current sell+outs in our General staff.

Got to protect those pensions ya' know.

Anonymous said...

I look back at the WWII National Socialists (NAZI's) and then I take a look at the current administration in DC. Lot of similarities there. From time to time I wonder just who it is that is preparing Obama's Telepromptor (ie the PUPPETMASTER) and I keep running across the name George Soros. This bunch in DC scares the hell out of me and as soon as it can be taken down, the better. My suggestion is: Prepare Range-Cards.

Paul X said...

"Never swear a loyalty oath to a Fuhrer."

Or to anyone, for that matter.

Jimmy the Saint said...

The plotters unfortunately never got to see "The Wire," or they could have benefitted from Omar Little's advice: "Ay yo, Bey! When you come at the king, you'd best not miss."

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Anonymous: "The bomb went off in a concrete bunker"

Nope, the bombing happened in a wooden conference hut.

"In fact NO ONE who had known Hitler before the war except for the "household staff"(ALL fanatic members of the "Nazi party") ever saw him after that day and lived to tell of it."

Sorry, but lots of folks saw Hitler after that day. Albert Speer, Hanna Reitsch, Wilhelm Mohnke, and many, many others saw him and survived the war.