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With a Little Help From my Friends...

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One Size Fits All?
Cramming everyone into one "bright idea" of what's good for us
By Eric Oppen

The Santa Claus Complex
Who do Our Beloved Leaders think they are?
By Eric Oppen

Militia: Y2K Nuke Test Successful
Satire by J.J. Johnson

Why No One Wins when the Government Can Freely Loot Private Property
By Leon Felkins

The Rudder is On Backwards
Just where is our ship of state headed, anyway?
By Dan Jordan

The Trouble with Boys
The folly of suppressing teenage male energies
By Kate Jimenez

The 10 Commandments of Washington Politicians
By Ed Lewis

E.M. Forster and the Politics of Betrayal
By Patrick O'Hannigan

The Servile States
By Tsun

Sarah Brady and Carry A. Nation
By Eric Oppen

The Stalking Horse
By Ernest Partisan

Screwing Up Dr. Spook's Data
By Julia Cochrane

Thank You, Al Gore!
Ain't it wonderful that old Al invented the Internet?
By Duncan Waring

Liberty Bucks:
Have fun & make a statement while improving your very own American currency
By "Alan Greenpants"

A Pair of Honest Letters
1. An Honest Letter to Congress
By J.J. Johnson
2. Refusing to be a Social Security victim or thief
By Sean T. Casey

The PooPoo and the Propeller
What are you going to do about the next round of gun control?
By William Michael Kemp

Deus Ex B52
The Balkan conflict completely explained. Really. Honest.
By Craig Goodrich

Hidden in Plain Sight:
When Encryption Isn't Enough
By Emily Salinger

Some Thoughts on Television and Guns
By Charles Curley

Innocent of What, the Reichstag Fire?
An essay about children
By Eric Oppen

Bank On My Account, Old Chap
A charming manifesto on treating bankers as they treat you.
Author Unknown

My Transformation from Anti-Gun
Feminist to Armed Feminist
By Katherine von Tour

100 Days of Gory
By Steffan Bertsch

Partly by accident, partly by design, the following articles, all posted February 28, 1999, have a theme: confrontation. What do you do if the day arrives when tyrants are bold enough to come to your door to take away your freedom?

The fifth article, "Comments on Confrontation," will be updated as people e-mail comments on this question.

Reality Check
By Peregrine

Cognitive Dissonance
By Duncan Waring

From a Man Who Knows
By Mike Kemp

Honest Highwaymen
(The Lighter Side of a Heavy Subject)
By Michael Voth

Comments on Confrontation
By Wolfe's Lodge Visitors

Washington to Kill Tens of Thousands...of Americans
By L. Reichard White

"I will most probably die here sometime this year..."
By Peregrine

On Philosophizing: How Dogs Refute Descartes
By Patrick O'Hannigan

Know Your Customer?
By Mark Pettifor

Teaching the Economics of Patriotic Snitching
By Leon Felkins

An Interview with Hitler
By Jeff Penrod

Beaned by the Sales Pitch
By Patrick O'Hannigan

The Devil is Not Mocked
By Eric Oppen

Better a Customer than a Beggar
By Eric Oppen

What Sound Does a Bomb Make
If There's No One to Hear It Go Off?
By Vanessa McGrady

A Dialog on Principle
An E-Mail Exchange between
Mike Kemp and Jeff Randall

A Letter to Ban Dogs
By Tina Terry

Lessons from a Yaqui, a Nazi, and a Libertarian
By Patrick O'Hannigan

The Loneliest Mile in Town
By Sam Smith

The Unknown Citizen
By Wystan Hugh Auden

Extremist Manifesto
By "noumenon"

Presbyterian Propaganda
By Mark & Tina Terry

I'm Tired
By L. Neil Smith

Solemn Declaration
By Jeff Head

Seven Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Safer
By Harry Browne

The Thin Blue Hood: Police as Gang Members
By Michael Haggard

Only One Church
By Timothy Lee, Richardson

Jefferson: Against Religious Monopoly
By Steffan Bertsch

Databases and Personal Privacy
By "Alexei Kurupatin"

Nationwide Gun Registration to Begin November 30
By Alan Korwin

The Company You Keep
By "noumenon"

House Arrest
By Leon Felkins

Privacy on the Internet
By David B. King

Mr. Peabody and Sherman: A Militia Story
By Ed Parker

How the Republicans Implemented
the Democrats' National ID Plan
By Scott McDonald

You Didn't Raise Your Hand
By Wayne D. Holt
(What if Norman Rockwell painted the Four Freedoms today?)

Have a Little Freedom with Your Religion
By Thomas Ingersoll More

Newland Can't Get Arrested
Real-life Humor by Bob Newland

Kill Them All Now
By Mustapha Gormsby

If you are looking for the anonymous essay, "Citizen Soldiers," that I quoted in my article, "After the Fall of Justice," look in the Sound-Off archive.

If you are looking for something that used to be in the Friends archive but isn't here anymore, click here for the older archive.

Wolf Tracks

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