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SIlly Stuff
by Claire Wolfe

Wolf Tracks

Sometimes there's a fine line between my serious writings and silly stuff. Not everything in this section is exactly thigh-slapping material. In some cases, I put essays under "Silly" mainly because it's hard to believe the government is serious about these things. Sigh.

Solving the Do-Gooder Crisis

Liberal Baiting

An Appointment with Mr. Bill Clinton

Outrunning the Satirists

Congressional English and Math Test
With Charles Curley

A Memorial to the Cold War
With Todd Howe

Supporting Clinton Welfare Proposal

Five Die in Wrong House Raid

Today's Electronic Civics Lesson
with Charles Curley

You Are What You Read?

Welcome to the Party

In Praise of Suicide

If you're collecting "The Compleat Claire," here are links to works (mostly serious) that appear elsewhere in Wolfe's Lodge:

Oh, Such a Happy America

You Will Pay for this Someday

Lord Horiuchi of Ruby Ridge

My "Ties" to Timothy McVeigh

Psychiatry for Dummies

Wolf Tracks

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