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Patricia Neill

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The Essays of Patricia Neill

April 2000: Patty has been unusually prolific and more-than-usually witty during a time I haven't been updating Wolfe's Lodge. To see her latest work, stop in at or J.J. Johnson's delightful news daily dedicated to the West and Dixie, Sierra Times.

Inbred Elites

School-Free Drug Zones

Watering the Cats:
Some Random Thoughts

The Hunt Makes Amends (a poem)

Territorial Wars

Nope, Not Surreal One Whit

The Jefferson Story

This Country Needs to Come
to a Screeching Halt!

That Christian Identity Thing

"Stroke of the Pen. Law of the land. Kinda Cool."

The President Can't Regulate Tobacco
by Executive Order?

The Fireworks I Want to See This 4th of July

Furthering the China Policy

Supreme Court Rules That Attorney Privilege
is More Important Than Anything Else
in the Entire Universe

Clinton Goes to China? Good!

Highways in the Nooz

What to Do About Teen Smoking

Anarchism: What Is This Word Our Rulers Hate?

Government Tanks vs. Citizens

Underwear: Weapon of Mass Destruction

Black-Robed Lawyers vs. Everyone Else

What to Wear to the Sedition Trial?

Squeeze, Baby, Squeeze

Red List Blue List Blues

Lone Nut Theories vs. Reality

How We Got the Data
For the National Survey on Drug Abuse

What is Rape?

Apparent Suicide Syndrome

Words Can Kill, Sez Professor

It Takes a Village of Federal Bureaucracy Workers
to Raise a Child

They Say, I Say: Terrorism Debate

Opinions, Opinions Everywhere,
But Not a Thought to Think

The (Non)Sense of Congress Resolution

Great Balls of Horsemalarky!

The Supersonic Fast-as-Hell Lie Generator

A Gardener's Tale


Clinton and the Church Burnings

"A Woman's Right to Choose"

For the Sake of the Children

How I Became a Conservative

If you're collecting "The Compleat Patty," here are links to a few of her works that appear on other parts of Wolfe's Lodge:

ID Tracking Number for all "Public Servants"

Letter to Members of Congress

The Real News, For Pete's Sake People!

Wolf Tracks

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