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Lone Nut Theories vs. Reality

God and Congress must have passed another law when I wasn't looking that every time the federal government wants to cover up its own stupidity, corruption or simple mis, mal, and non feasance of office it comes up with a "lone nut" theory.

Thirty-four years ago the masterminds of the art of silly, nonsensical theories that can't possibly be true according to Newtonian laws of motion and force (not to mention ballistics) came up with the notion that Oswald's bullet killed John F. Kennedy. And according to these "lone nut" theorists, only Oswald was involved in the killing of the President of the United States.

Never mind ballistics. Never mind all the witnesses in Dealy Plaza. Never mind other evidence that definitely pointed elsewhere. Never mind laws of physical reality. Oswald killed Kennedy has been the Official Prouncement of State ever since.

What exactly is it about these lone nut theories that appeal so strongly to those in positions of power?

Since the preponderance of evidence is never on the side of the "lone nut" theory, it must be the pure simplicity of it that so appeals to our current rulers. They must think they can sell these simple if discordantly inelegant theories to the American people with the greatest of ease. They must think we'll buy such balderdash, even when it violates reality, laws of physical and circumstantial evidence, and our basic common sense.

As Abe Lincoln said, you can fool some of the people some of the time. And if you have all the money, power and "prestige" of the federal government behind you, you can back up any old theory you want. And if you have the help of our beloved free press, with their control of the national drug of choice, TV--you can bet that more than some of the people will believe it, as shown by the reactions of many to this so-called trial.

We have just witnessed another "lone nut" theory put in motion. The theory that Timothy McVeigh blew up the Murrah building with an ANFO truck bomb has been disproved by none other than a retired Brig. General who for 25 years was the leading demolition expert in the US Armed Forces. Gen. Partin sent his report on the bombing to every member of Congress in an attempt to stop the evidence (the building itself) from being torn down, dragged away and hidden behind a security fence. Congress in its mighty wisdom didn't listen--but they probably never even read the report. Partin's report, of course, differs quite a bit from the government's lone nut with a truck bomb scenario. Partin's report revealed that a truck bomb could not have blown up the Murrah building. The report stated there were demolition charges placed on the inside columns of the 9-story building--that this was the only way it could have been destroyed the way it was. Who placed those explosives?

The fact that Timothy McVeigh has now been tried and convicted means nothing much more than he received a state-controlled trial where the judge denied and disallowed all the evidence that could have shown him not guilty, or maybe guilty of participating in this crime but certainly not alone. And I'm not talking about Terry Nichols here ...

By virtue of ignoring reality, burying or disallowing evidence, and intimidating witnesses, the government has made McVeigh the national patsy that Oswald couldn't be because he was shot too soon--though he did have time to tell the world he was a patsy. I have no idea whether McVeigh was guilty of the murder of those 169 people, but then, neither does his jury. They were denied 95% of the evidence by a government judge with his eyes on his job, and probably his health as well.

And our government will harp on throughout eternity that a "lone nut" was responsible for the OKC bombing. Just as the establishment continues to harp on to this day that Oswald killed Kennedy. The patent ridiculousness of these lone nut theories doesn't seem to affect them: We are the government. All evidence can be buried or ignored. We have the power to hold trials where we can choose what evidence is presented to the jury. We can propound whatever theory we want.

Perhaps this is true. However, the mistrust of the government began 34 years ago with the still unexplained killing of our President. As long as the government continues to pronounce theories that make no sense to the rest of us, that mistrust will contine to grow. Perhaps some of the survivors of the OKC bombing and the friends and relatives of the victims will rest easier with McVeigh's conviction and his death. Many other Oklahomans are very uneasy, for they know that McVeigh was not a lone nut, that there are anywhere from 2 to 5 John Doe's who were involved in that bombing who are still at large, potentially able to bomb again. And many Americans know that the truth was never dealt with at that trial, and justice was not served.

Who is served by Lone Nut theories? Now that's the interesting question....

Patricia Neill, 1997

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8 Dec, 1997