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Happy Otter

I've been talking to many people lately about the state of our nation and the world. Seems that some sort of epidemic of depression and fear has hit and hit hard. Color is draining from the world and the chill frost of fear is circling the hearts of my countrymen. There are many reasons for this depression and fear: the State is grabbing power in the same manner that Hitler grabbed power in Germany; political repression continues apace and gets more brutal and invasive as time goes by; the propaganda machine has learned well its lessons from Goebbels and puts them to good use; the economy falters daily, while the obvious lies of the career politicians turn our stomachs... Depression and fear are understandable.

My reaction, primitive though it may be, is different. I am thrilled to be here in America, alive and healthy, strong and intelligent, just when my country needs me the most. There is no place on earth I'd rather be, and no other timeframe I'd rather inhabit. This is the turn of the century, the end of the millennium, and the beginning of the times of our lives!

The feudalistic new world order types have always been around. They've always wanted power, money, slaves. This, in human history, is nothing new. They have plotted, fought, and lost before, and they will again. And this time, I am here to be in the fight, a fight that matters mightily for America and for all the countries of the world. Thank you, Lord!

Here we are, in an exciting if perilous time, and I am exhilarated by the very thought of it! Fat-headed comfort and convenience will fall by the wayside and adversity will teach its own lessons of hardship and of the need for effort and love. We will be citizens once again, not consumers.

To each one of us who are alive and aware, God has given this time in history to test our mettle, to sound our temper, to be as the twelve strong-minded people of a just jury. Let us clap hands and sing, and rejoice that we are living during a great and dangerous time in history, which will determine whether the Republic stands or the Dark Ages rise again.

Depression? Spit it out, that lukewarm worm of despair.

Fear? Righteous anger and riotous joy will drive it from your door.

Exhuberance matters. Ferocity counts.

Our history is full of those who fought back from all sides. Patrick Henry, with his spitfire oratory. Jefferson Davies and Robert E. Lee. Eugene Debs who broke the sedition law of his time, the Espionage Act of 1917 when he fought the conscription laws. He was thrown in jail, but from there ran a presidential campaign that won him a million votes. And another to never forget, young Sammy Weaver. Sammy Weaver shot back at his attackers. He died, but he fought back.

Many of us will also die, perhaps. But so what? We'll all die in time, anyway. In the meantime, let the cantankerous soul of America roar again.

Don't Tread on Me!

13 Sep 1996

Patricia Neill, 1997

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