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What is needed? New blood, that's what.

Those of you fortunate enough to know how to read -- a steadily dwindling number thanks to the NEA -- will recall reading at least a tiny bit of history of the European centuries. Do you remember Wladyslaw the Stupid, Pedro the Fat, the madness of King George III, or any of the other hapless harelip nobility that arose through mating with each other too closely and too often?

Cousins marrying cousins. Sisters and brothers. We can make fun of "hillbillies" who have made this gene-pool error, but hellfire. The ruling elite of Europe made the same mistake and suffered the same results. Harelips, cleft palates, birth defects galore, sheer stupidity, ungodly ugliness, insanity, you name it. There's an entire shopping list of misfortunes to be found in the history of the ruling elite of Europe, all because of their proclivity to interbreeding.

That's not to say there weren't pretty and/or intelligent nobility. Some lucked out, after all. Some didn't. The lesson remains.

My neighbor Fred has a Rottweiler, Angela, and he's having the same problems. Angela was bred to another Rott, had nine pups, and six have died so far. She herself put one aside to die, probably because she knew, as critter mothers do, that the pup was not viable.

In America in this last quarter of the century, we have yet another inbred elite. From the last election, I couldn't see that Bobby Dole was any different from Billy Jeff and they both were inexcusable and intolerable examples of American excrescence. These people are all the same, cut from the same piece of rotting fabric. The entire slew of puerile, bamboozling politicians lining up for the next election are all of the harelip class. Inbred, that's what America's politicians have become.

The last time Fred bred Angela, he bred her to a true Rott, as well. But while she was still in the breeding mood, a yellow cur that shows up every time Angela gets flirtatious got to her. And the pups were fine, alive, great pups -- especially the funny, furry little guy we called Bear. But Fred was disgusted because as the pups grew older, they showed their yellow dog cur blood, and he had to give back the money he got for them. Still, they were good pups that grew into fine dogs, while the purebreds didn't.

New blood.

George Bush, Jr. of the Bush family dynasty? Al Gore of the Gore family dynasty? Elizabeth Dole of the Dole family dynasty? Dan Quayle of the media-elite family of Quayles? Clintons of the infamous Clinton "legacy"?

Perhaps they're not all related to the hillbilly degree by too consanguineous marriage, but that's still some tired old blood if you ask me! Without plastic surgery, we'd probably see a lot more harelipped Washingtonians than we're seeing -- which at least would be entertaining.

Worse yet, they're all boring. Not a new idea in the entire batch of inbreds, just more of the same socialistic second-rate horsemalarky. Not an exciting pup in the litter.

I told Fred he should let that yellow cur dog at Angela more often, but he scowled at me with that "don't mess with me" look. Heck, Fred even took a shot at the cur last time he came 'round -- and this within city limits! There's big money in those purebred Rotts, you see.

If Angela was in charge of this next election's lineup of tired old pols, I'm sure she'd put them all aside as well. There's wisdom in that. Problem is, there's obviously big money in these Clintons, Gores, Doles, Bushes, Quayles et cetera, ad nauseum, as well.

When I told Fred to let the cur get to Angela, he looked at me near cross-eyed and told me he was gonna toss a lit stick of dynamite over into my yard (it being the 4th of July and irritably HOT and all). "You crazy redhead!" He'll take another shot at the cur next time, and maybe even hit 'em (and not me, iffen I'm lucky :)

Too bad, for the pups.

And we definitely need new blood in that political class that keeps annoying, pestering, boring and torturing us from Washington.

If you must vote:

Never vote for an incumbent. Never vote for a lawyer. Period.

Keep in mind that most of the Washington inbred criminal elite are lawyers.

Vote for new blood, some good, rough, wild yellow dog cur blood.

©Patricia Neill 1999

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July 28, 1999