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Citizen Soldiers
By Anonymous
Posted March 14, 1998

This was posted anonymously to a Internet constitutionalist list. A copy was sent to Wolfe's Lodge with the following note: If you decide to use this, please delete all sig and header ID. I am practicing more safe speaks these days, for good reason.

All the best-

I have just returned from a meeting with a true constitutionalist attorney here in town, one with past and quite recent important victories in the area of tax issues. His conclusions about the state of the art in IRS practice mirrors those of at least three other attorneys of similar caliber around the country, which I have met in the last four years. I thought I would sum up his position, and offer a conclusion of my own.

Basically, he intimated we as Americans must finally realize there is no such thing as an unassailable constitutional protection in this republic anymore. Political expediency, corruption, cronyism, self-interest, et al. have replaced the iron clad guarantees of freedom from unlawful prosecution, and the unswerving strength of the courts to curtail inroads on our liberties. Face it, we're on our own; there is not and CAN NEVER BE any 'silver bullet.' So what's new, you ask? Check the endless well reasoned posts on this list, as well as the other lists many of you monitor. We know the law better than the DOJ, we have higher judicial scruples than the judges, and we're losing ground every day. In essence, we are fielding the GE College Bowl winners against the Gestapo.

I have spent endless hours over the last five years studying and applying the law, contacting the IRS, my congressman, the General Counsel to the Secretary of the Treasury...and the only difference it has made is that I understand PERFECTLY the gargantuan fraud this government (sic) is perpetrating on it's citizens. The question arises: do I continue the futile?

I think not. IMHO we should ALL be deciding on the level of civil disobedience we are willing to engage in. If this is the law, we should all become LAWBREAKERS, encourage others to become LAWBREAKERS, be steadfast on juries to free LAWBREAKERS, stand tall in the rightness of being LAWBREAKERS.

As you well know, this is not just an IRS issue. Our gun rights, our religious rights, our free speech and association rights, contractual rights, privacy rights, rights against self-incrimination, all are under massive assault every day. We could work full time and not stanch 10% of the crap that passes for law coming out of Washington on a slow day.

I would encourage everyone to think seriously about how you can make a difference, by yourself quietly without fanfare, by monkey wrenching, disinformation, shunning of government workers, and any and all LAWBREAKING which doesn't harm innocent people. Now, we should begin to rock the boat for those who have been getting to ride on top for so long. Think this idea stinks?

What level of effort would it take to maintain a steady state against the massive government intrusion into our lives? Can you give that time, year in and year out, for the rest of your life?

What level of moral atrocity and abrogation of your rights would it take to make you change your mind? By the time that level was reached, would resistance like this be futile?

Are we morally right in our position, irrespective of our individual religious beliefs? If so, don't we have the unalterable RIGHT to do everything it takes to reverse this unbearable situation?

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14 March, 1998