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Wolf Tracks


By William Michael Kemp

Some folks might dismiss Mike's speculation that the April 20, 1999 Littleton, Colorado school shooting was planned by someone other than the brutes involved. But the broader catastrophe that's going to follow this catastrophe...well, you already can guess that, can't you? Every alert American should be asking the question Mike poses.

We now see the Hegelian school-shooter method perfected. Of all the instances we have seen which had the potential for major disaster, the previous ones were mere warmups. Now we see a huge body count, no perps to prosecute, and the antis in full cry to disarm America. I can only say that I am immensely saddened that the cowards in charge and the coward in chief had to resort to such a heinous method to embolden themselves to carry out their agenda. Rather than just pass the legislation, or write the executive order, this Hegelian method was employed to give them political cover.

It's about time. We all knew that the day would come when circumstances would allow an all-out assault on firearms ownership. Praise the day.

Regardless of the style and content of the new restrictions, they will fall on us in a much different way than all of the previous abominations. By and large, the previous attempts are of a nature which do not directly affect current ownership. They address availability, they simply make the box smaller. The new restrictions will undoubtedly require overt action by gun owners. We will be required to list and register our guns, we will be required to go through an FFL holder to sell, ammo and component will be restricted, perhaps arsenal licenses will be required, which will involve ATF inspections for owners of collections, etc. We will be required to publicly bend our knee to King Willy.

Again I say, praise the day. For with their boldness comes our opportunity. Are you going to *register* your firearms? Are you going to submit to an arsenal license? Are you going to go through an FFL to sell your private property? There are upwards of 75 million gun owners. If 1% of us refuse, then we will have nearly a million refuseniks. simply doesn't have the manpower nor the firepower to enforce their edicts-- unless we are all sheep.

We are just days past the anniversary of the quintessential AMERICAN response to gun grabbing. Ol' Sam Adams hung a plum on a tree and dared the king to snatch it. George couldn't resist, and 273 of his poachers were shot down in the road. America was born, in blood and pain. Now a new opportunity approaches. Will we be Americans, or will we be sheep?

(c) 1999 by William Michael Kemp

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Wolf Tracks

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22 April, 1999