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Wolf Tracks


By Duncan Waring

Sometimes a little satire is a wonderful thing.

Thank You, Al Gore, for inventing the Internet.

Due to the fruits of your labors, I've traveled the world over. Thanks to your invention, I met Vin Suprynowicz, the genius who wrote:

"... 90 percent of the laws, agencies, orders and regulators now pouring forth from Washington City like demons breaching the walls of hell are null and void -- deformed, fatherless creatures, apt to melt away like Goblins if ever tested in the harsh daylight of the Bill of Rights."

I've spent many hours wandering through the "stacks" of Vin's Original Library and the New Addition.

Vin introduced me to Claire Wolfe. She, in turn, introduced me to my new buddy Peregrine, and invited me to come to Hardyville to meet the wonderful folks there.

While I've enjoyed the works of Edward Abbey for some thirty-odd years, the Internet took me off to Sweden, to visit the Edward Abbey Quote Dispenser for a quick summary.

Without the Internet, I probably would never have met Vin Suprynowicz.  I'd never have met Claire Wolfe.  I'd never have gone to Hardyville.  I'd certainly never have met Peregrine, and I'd never have found out what led Carl Drega to say "No More".

Without the Internet, the WorldNet Daily wouldn't be delivered every day to my desktop.

I would have thought that I was just about the only one growing livid with rage at the extent to which my government wants to control me.  I would not have known that I have thousands, nay, millions of brothers (and sisters) in arms, waiting to stand with me in the breach, to say "This Shall Not Pass".

Thank You, Al Gore, for making all this possible.  Thank You, Al Gore, for expanding my horizons.  Thank You, Al Gore, for making it possible for me to travel the world, meeting all manner of fascinating people, without emitting any greenhouse gasses.  

Thank You, Al Gore, Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

(c) 1999 Duncan Waring

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Wolf Tracks

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13 June, 1999