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Wolf Tracks

Washington to Kill Tens of Thousands...of Americans

By L. Reichard White

Rick White, an inveterate collector of facts and news items, lets loose with an immoderate rant on the dangers -- to Americans -- of Bill Clinton's "wagging the dog." He invited me to tone the following essay down if I wished. While this isn't Rick's standard style (or the Lodge's), I don't think this is a time or place for moderation. Let 'er rip, Rick.

You can imagine a biological attack on a big city. You could easily imagine maybe 50,000 people exposed to the biological weapon. Anthrax can be cured with an antibiotic. But to cure 50,000 people would take approximately three tons of antibiotic. There isn't three tons of antibiotics stored anywhere in the united States. There's no leadership and there's no plan for how to deal with this.
Richard Preston, CNN Burden of Proof, 20 Feb. 1998, ~4:30:15 PM EST

Now the mayor [Rudy Giuliani] had spoken earlier on the general threat of terrorism saying, "Short of closing down America and closing down the city of New York, it would be impossible to entirely prevent terrorism." He added that, "It's impossible to have a police officer every place. That would be unrealistic and it would change the nature of a free society."
Brian Jenkins, CNN Live, 19 Feb. 1998, 2:04pm

Those incredible, brain dead, megalomaniac nincompoops in Washington, District of Criminals, are out to get thousands of us killed by continuously goading and attacking Iraq-- maybe because they hope Americans will allow them to pull the trigger on their emergency powers. They probably got the idea from the way FDR purposely goaded Japan into Pearl Harbor -- but misjudged the damage. Either that, or these super-cretins don't have a second IQ point to rub on their first. The second possibility is the scariest ---- and the most likely.

Iraq has biological agents, particularly anthrax. (Iraq got some of its anthrax from a Maryland lab.) The problem is, so do at least twenty other governments around the world -- including the United States government. The best known US stashes are at Fort Detrick, Maryland, and the old Dugway Proving Grounds near Salt Lake City, Utah. USA Corp. is spending $130 million to inoculate all 2.4 million military personnel against anthrax.

The problem is, it's easy to produce mutant strains of existing organisms, or even completely new organisms which are resistant to vaccines or for which no vaccines even exist. Unlike nuclear weapons, biologicals require no major facilities for production, and once developed, can be manufactured and stored in hundreds of basement labs, and are thus effectively impossible to eliminate. That's why biological agents are called "the poor man's nuke."

You'll recall that Secretary of Defense Cohen some months ago during the last phase of the crisis with Iraq had showed that a five pound bag of anthrax, comparable to a five pound bag of sugar, as he mentioned yesterday, could wipe out half the population of Columbus, Ohio.
Brian Jenkins, CNN Live, 19 Feb. 1998, 2:06pm

It's next to impossible to stop someone who wants to bring such an agent into the united States. According to Clinton, for example, one millionth of all cargo shipped into the united States is illegal drugs -- despite the $100 billion war on drugs. If tons of dope are shipped into the US every day, can you stop a five pound container of anthrax? When it was incorrectly alleged that Larry Wayne Harris and William Leavitt were in possession of weapons grade anthrax in Las Vegas, the FBI took the claim VERY seriously, immediately calling in experts from all over the country, including Dugway and Fort Detrick.

The US Government ticks off nearly everyone in the world sooner or later by nebbing in their business. More than 260,000 US troops are stationed around the world OUTSIDE US borders. There's an FBI presence in 30 countries. The CIA even tried to clandestinely influence elections in such "bitter US enemies" as New Zealand and Australia because they wouldn't let US Navy vessels carrying nukes into their harbors, for example. And whatever you do, don't let a drug deal with an American president go sour -- remember what happened to Noreiga. But it seems that Arab countries in general are particularly high-up on the shit-list:

...Iraq, unlike any other country in the history of the UN, still must submit to every syllable of all Security Council resolutions without so much as a millimeter of deviation.
David Ott, The Scotsman (independent), Edinburgh, Nov. 21, 1997.

...Israel occupies territory illegally for 30 years. It violates the Geneva conventions at will, conducts invasions, terrorist attacks, and assassinations against Arabs [Muhamar Gadafi, Hamas leaders in Jordan, etc.], and still, the U.S. vetoes every sanction against it in the United Nations. Meanwhile, Syria, Sudan, Libya, and Iraq are classified as "rogue" states.
Edward Said, Al-Ahram Weekly (semi-official), Cairo, Nov. 20-26, 1997.

After implicitly endorsing Iraq's invasion of Kuwait by assuring his then ally, Saddam Hussein through American ambassador April Glaspie, that he was indifferent to Iraq's hostile attitude toward Kuwait, President George Bush ultimately launches operation Desert Storm. 100,000 Iraqis are killed outright. (General Norman Schwartzkopf.) Another 100,000 Iraqi civilians die over the next months as a result of "collateral damage," malfunctioning sewage plants, contaminated water, lack of food and medicine, etc. (Various humanitarian organizations.)

For some inexplicable reason, this sort of thing seems to piss some people off. Here are just a few examples:

Iraqi spiritual leader calls for Jihad against US & British interests world-wide if air strikes are launched against Iraq. He claims strikes would amount to an attack on Islam by Christians. This call for Jihad resonates with Iraqis, claims reporter.
CNN Today, 02-12-98, 2:08pm EST

The Saudi billionaire Osamah bin Ladin declares Jihad against the US Military and the US Government. He's rich, has thousands of supporters, and their numbers are growing.
CNN Impact, 10 Aug. 1997

...What is needed is a concerted will on behalf of Arabs who have suffered the U.S.'s egregious blows for too long without an adequate response.
Edward Said, Al-Ahram Weekly (semi-official), Cairo, Nov. 20-26, 1997.

Those Washington elitist shit-heads are going to goad Iraq or some other country -- Iran celebrates "Death To America Day," for example -- or a few of their radical citizens into releasing biological agents on American cities. The city of New York is planning for just such an attack. Even Pakistan has supplied Americans with two terrorists recently: Moramar Kasi, who killed two CIA agents in Washington, D.C. because of anti-Moslem US foreign policy and Ramsey Yousef, convicted of blowing up the World Trade Tower in NYC. Yousef, sentenced to life in solitary, told the court, "I'm proud to be a terrorist, especially against the United States or Israel."

It isn't as if those arrogant Washington ignoramuses are unaware of the danger:

Kenneth Berry, president of the American Academy of Emergency Physicians...said military experts believe that a terrorist attack in a major U.S. city using a biological weapon is likely within five years.
"Clinton sees little anthrax threat to civilians," By Steven Findlay, USA Today, 17 Dec. 1997, pg8A

Most worrisome to officials is the possible involvement of more established, state-sponsored terrorist organizations -- such as Hezbollah -- with international reach.
"Terrorism's Next Wave," US News & World Report, Nov. 17, 1997, pg.30

NEW YORK -- At this moment, militant Islamic groups labeled by the State Department as terrorist organizations -- Hezbollah, Palestine Islamic Jihad, Hamas and others -- operate quietly within U.S. borders from New York to San Diego.... The United States -- seen as the Great Satan by many Islamic radicals -- has become a key part of their terrorist network.
"Terrorists Strong Enough to Attack U.S.," by Richard Cole, Associated Press, Tulsa World, May 25. 1997

America will continue to be a target for terrorism as long as it continues to play its current role in the world.
President Bill Clinton, in weekly radio address, reported on MSNBC, 8 Aug 1998 ~11:01

And of course, we mustn't forget that the Clinton Administration, that devolved pond scum, just like the Iraqi administration of Saddam Hussein, used a chemical weapon against it's own citizens. The FBI used CS gas, outlawed by the Geneva Convention even for use in warfare, against men, women, and twenty three children at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas. No government agents were prosecuted. On the other hand, many of the few Branch Davidians remaining alive, though a jury found them innocent of all but minor charges, were sentenced to 40 years in prison by the government judge. For some inexplicable reason, things like this seem to piss some people off.

Citing U.S. News & World Report, Fox News reports that the FBI says another Oklahoma City bombing could happen any day. The FBI further claims that Americans are now their own worst enemy because a government building receives a credible bomb threat "every couple of weeks."
FNC, Dec. 21, 1997, 10:00 am EST

Are most Americans aware of the danger ill-advised Washington meddlers are causing them? Probably not. Here's one specific example of a main reason they aren't:

...The U.S. media are happy to go along with the government in bringing home to domestic customers the wonderful excitement of American self-righteousness, the proud flag-waving, the "feel-good" sense that "we" are facing down a monstrous dictator.
Edward Said, Al-Ahram Weekly (semi-official), Cairo, Nov. 20-26, 1997.

If Americans wish to avoid the fate of other subjugated populations who suffer the consequences of the actions of their oppressor governments -- essentially what happened to at least 200,000 Iraqis as a result of the Gulf so-called War -- they had better rid themselves of that rabid Washington cur that's making messes all over the 'hood -- or else put it on a very short leash and muzzle it.

(c) 1999 L. Reichard White

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Wolf Tracks

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22 November, 1998