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Wolf Tracks


By Owen Fairfield

I don't know Mr. Fairfield and haven't seen his work before. But I know this poem moved me, way down deep.

				we have lost ourselves
we have come, through mental habits of sloth,
to worship Science
for we must worship
we do not see
for we choose not to see
we are taught
that we are murderers, at heart,
that only the fittest survive
that we are Mother Nature's Exception
(it is not true)
we are freighted with guilt and sin
by cultural forces
external to our own true Selves
we are subjugated
by our habits of fear and doubt
and a storm is coming

we have ceded
by default
our responsibility
for ourselves
To Science
and the Traditional Church
they do not sustain
they do not abide
they do not reacquaint us
with our Fundamental Grace
a storm is coming

we are told
that we are powerless
and we embrace
(money is not power)
we are taught
that we are not good
but we have forgotten ourselves
and a storm is coming

we have much to learn
and remember
and the path
grows narrow and dim
but we will fall into knowing
for Intimate Order and Balance
Always Obtain
Always Prevail
Always Teach
we will fall into Grace
seemingly fall
as we have willed our way out of it
and we will bring
Jewels of Perspective
a storm is coming

We will Awaken unto Ourselves
each Moment
with Meaning
a wave
is a particle
is Beauty
is Simplicity
is Music
is Meaning
is Magic
the Power
is Ours. It is in
and to
and of
Each of Us
whatever his station
the depth
of our Reality
has been caressed
only lately
our perceptions
are our power
and we create
we assemble
but we make it
Too Real
Too Dazzling
beneath it flows
Grander Reality
and Alternate Reality
and Ultimate Reality
The Undifferentiated, The One
we will learn
and we will know
for a storm is coming

© 1999 Owen Fairfield

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Wolf Tracks

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September 22, 1999