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Wolf Tracks


By Carolyn D. Hart

They threw the gauntlet down today
When they freed a federal killer.
They said he was only "doing his job"
When he shot a child's mother.

They made it clear that within our land
Is the clear and present danger
Of unrestrained tyranny
That will tear us all asunder.

They murder with impunity,
They tax the people blind.
They send our secrets overseas
For our enemies to find.

They say no one's above the law
In this great land of ours,
But now we know that isn't true
for those with federal powers.

The feds are far above the law--
Of that there is no doubt.
Clinton and his agents know
That law is there to flout.

My heart goes out to this great land,
To patriots near and far,
Whose pleading voices are ignored
By those with federal power.

How long, O Lord, must we endure
This evil and corrupt regime?
How long until the righteous rise
And reclaim the founders' dream?

(c) Carolyn D. Hart 1998.

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Wolf Tracks

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