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Zero-Knowledge Systems Makers of Freedom Software for anonymous use of the 'net.

ScramDisk Here's some freeware that lets you create a "virtual encrypted drive" on your Windows system. Encrypt on the fly, rather than having to work in the open then re-encrypt as you do with PGP. A friend recommended this one.

The Agitator's Privacy and Identity Links The Agitator is very good at keeping abreast of the latest developments in Your Glorious Government's desire to snoop into every aspect of your life. You'll also find updates on snoop technology and the latest privacy-destroying deeds of Your Government's corporate partners-in-crime.

Spam Tools Spam! Yuch! Ptooey! And I don't mean the potted meat, either. I mean the much more repulsive stuff delivered via e-mail. Here are tools and tips for spammer spoiling.

Steganography Steganogrphy is not a dinosaur. Far from it. Steganography is the next step after PGP encryption -- or if the feddies succeed in banning or compromising strong encryption. (It's fun, besides! Hide your messages in plain sight.)

More steganography info Includes lots of links, including ones to free and cheap steganography software.

Anonymous Net Surfing Visiting controversial web sites? Or just want some privacy wherever you go? Check out the Anonymizer.

Parascope's Beastweb A page that will take you to government and industry sites where you'll see just how Big Bro and his Little Corporate Brothers are planning to use technology against you.

Privacy Inc. A for-profit business offering privacy services. For a modest membership fee, you can get some protection and learn what's happened to some of your unprotected information.

J. Orlin Grabbe's home page This site is a veritable feast of information: privacy, alternative money, philosophy and more. Grabbe is one of the people developing the digital systems to guard our privacy and assets from Big Brother.

Grassroots Granny The Grassroots Granny, aka The Old Polish Woman, is a fighter. Want to impose a national ID card? You'll have to get past Granny first.

The Biometric Consortium Now, here's something interesting..."The Biometric Consortium serves as the US Government's focal point for research, development,test [sic], evaluation, and application of biometric-based personal identification/verification technology." And guess what? Their web site resides on "a Department of Defense interest computer." Well, well, well, what's this biometric ID stuff really all about?

ID Systems and ID Cards The Electronic Frontier Foundation's archive on citizen-tracking databases, ss numbers, fingerprinting and other biometric branding techniques.

EPIC's ID Card Archive The Electronic Privacy Information Center's archive on ID cards and related matters.

Fight the Fingerprint! Alabama's superb organization to fight Big Brother ID and surveillance. Contains a very up-to-date listing of every state's ID card requirements.

The National ID Card More information on this ever-growing topic. Keep yourself up to date!

N.O.N.E. Now that you're thoroughly depressed, reading about national ID numbers, take a look a the National Organization for Non-Enumeration, which is helping individuals get away from such nonsense.

Fight the Fingerprints Coalition Georgia's great organization for fighting fingerprints and other invasive ID.

The Spy Store While you're at it, might as well learn what freelance snoops, as well as cops, can do to invade your privacy.

Smart Card Industry Association Yuch! An industry group dedicated to enslaving us. Notice the fascinating failure to address any ethical issues!

The Snooper Online "Detective's information, hidden URL's, internet secrets...dmv records and more."

The Stalker's Home Page A must see! The Stalker is actually a good guy who, among other things, exposes government and industry misuse of social security numbers. (A handy place to pick up some gov-o-crat's or corporate executive's personal info, too.)

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