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Don't Shoot the Bastards (Yet):
 101 More Ways to Salvage Freedom

Are you... fed up with the Powers That Be encroaching on  your freedom?

Have you... tried everything -- voting, peaceful protest, letter writing, petitions--and found that it just didn't work?

Are you... beginning to think violent rebellion might be the ultimate, dreaded answer?

Stop! Wait! There are a lot more things you can do!

And they all begin with changing your own life. Not taking to the streets or hills to fight for freedom -- not yet -- but living for it. In this all-new sequel to her underground classic, 101 Things to Do'Til the Revolution, Claire Wolfe offers 101 more ways to survive, thrive, increase freedom and foil tyrants without picking up either a ballot or a rifle.

From the back cover:

"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." -- Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do'Til the Revolution

The clodhoppers of Tyranny stomp on the toes of innocent people everyday,from flat-out prohibitions of peaceful activities, to flagrant invasions of privacy, to the not-so-subtle erosion of Constitutional freedoms. But it's still not time to take down the scoundrels. Not yet. Author ClaireWolfe has come up with another batch of ideas to counteract theabusesgovernment and private agencies so routinely practice. In this followup to her wildly popular 101 Things to Do'Til the Revolution, she provides more ways to monkeywrench a system that keeps citizens in astranglehold. She teaches how to prepare for a truly independent lifestyle, and imparts further insight on how to liberate people from the Powers that Be.

How would you fare in the Frog Boiling Challenge? How can you stay out of snoopy databases? What should you do when you've got an itch to write another useless letter to your congresscritter? How can you acquire firearms without ending up on a government list? Is there any way to tell if a supposed friend is really a government snitch? You'll find all that and more in Don't Shoot the Bastards (Yet): 101 More Ways to Salvage Freedom.

Freedom fighter Boston T. Party writes in the introduction: "I think she's on to something. She has grasped the current stage of our struggle: firm mental defiance coupled with the beginning of real action."

You can wax on about freedom. You can whine about government rules. But the only way to change the way things are is to take action against the Tyranny traipsing all over American lives. This book is the best place to start.


The Critics Say (sort of):

"Since it's new and no one has reviewed it yet, Claire asked me to tell you that she's written a very, very nice little book. To be honest, I think some of it is awfully radical and it's certainly not the kind of thing I taught my proper young daughter, I can tell you that. But I'm sure it must be a very nice book because Claire wrote it." -- Her mother

"I am sick of you all calling government officials bastards. I'll have you know that bastards have historically been some of the most innovative and ruggedly individualistic people ever. Government more closely resembles the first legitimate born heirs of some nobles. Otherwise, I generally love[it]." -- William Frost, 16-year-old fan

Hold your fire. There are 101 freedom-promoting things to do in themeantime. Here's the table of contents from Don't Shoot the Bastards (Yet): 101 More Ways to Salvage Freedom.


Table of Contents


Are you... beginning to think violent rebellion might be the ultimate, dreaded answer? Stop! Wait! There are a lot more things you can do!
--from Don't Shoot the Bastards (Yet) by Claire Wolfe

You can wax on about freedom. You can whine about government rules. But the only way to change the way things are is to take action against the Tyranny traipsing all over American lives.

CHAPTER ONE -- In which we begin nice and easy. We lay some groundwork, ruminate upon mindset, and indulge in modest measures of philosophical maundering, with only a hint of risky business.

1.      Question fundamentals  
2.      A correspondent observes the law       
3.      A small rant about the nature of office holders
4.      Government supremacist: the power of words     
5.      The good (albeit dead) side of Marbury v. Madison      
6.      Stay out of the deadbeat dads database 
7.      Databases and your children's health   
8.      Private privacy
9.      Listen up, you state governments!!!    
10.     Why should they stop when nobody punishes them?
11.     Take the frog-boiling challenge
12.     Danger! Don't touch!  Don't breathe!   
13.     Don't join lobbying groups     
14.     "Bad cop!  No donut!"  
15.     Don't waste time worrying about legislation    
16.     Things to do while fighting the urge to write to congresscritters      
17.     History of the income tax (No, not this income tax)    
18.     Overcoming inertia     
19.     Most important freedom-fighting weapon to acquire      
20.     Yes, I really meant that about your TV 
21.     All that ever needs to be said about racism    
22.     A retraction   
23.     Small steps    
24.     Secrets of the conspiracy REVEALED!    
25.     The Chernalevsky Method
26.     Police-anoia: Or boy, these guys  give us some great ideas!    
27.     Everything you need    
28.     The joys of being independently poor   
29.     Your banker is NOT your friend 
30.     Hey, they'll do it to you... 

CHAPTER TWO -- In which we move on to more action-oriented items. Some are symbolic, some practical. Some safe, some not-so-safe. Something for every freedom fan, I hope

31.     419    
32.     Bill of Rights Enforcement
33.     On shunning    
34.     Staging a comply-in    
35.     Carl Drega: sad sign of the future     
36.     Handling the rage      
37.     Are smart cards a smart idea?  
38.     What about those damn fingerprints at the bank?
39.     The Declaration of Disobedience
40.     Shrug  
41.     Some spare social security numbers     
42.     Consider the Sovereign Society 
43.     Wear garlic to your next IRS audit     
44.     Tape it!       
45.     An inspirational example: Operation Sink Kyl   
46.     Hobbit and Parker talk guns    
47.     Learn to use those guns!       
48.     "I can't remember!"    
49.     Set up your business on the Internet   
50.     The Perpetual Traveler 
51.     Will somebody please start a free market ID service?   
52.     Perfect disguise #1    
53.     Anno Libertatis
54.     Learn from Shirley Allen       
55.     Preventing a psychiatric siege?
56.     Lie to your doctor     
57.     Another possible option for medical privacy    
58.     Rules for Radicals     
59.     Take care of your computer  (and it will take care of you)     
60.     The definition of insanity     
61.     Okay, so Michael Harries talks guns, too.
61A.  And Boston T. Party gets the final word   
62.     No Nostradamus for Chaos       
63.     Prepping to stay at home       
64.     Prepping to go elsewhere     & nbsp; 
65.     Be smarter than I was  
66.     Barter stuff   
67.     Drive, ride, fly...?   
68.     Running your diesel on veggie oil      
69.     Most important survival tool to own    
70.     Be a "Cell of One"     
71.     Radios, knives, bugs and other cool stuff      
72.     Buying guns after the Brady "instant check"    
73.     Secrets of the conspiracy REVEALED (part II)   

CHAPTER THREE -- In which we consider dealing with nasty times and nasty people.

74.     Hallelujah, there's a snitch detector! 
75.     Unfortunately there's no idiot detector
76.     Choosing your company  
77.     If you must talk about something illegal...    
78.     Trade your guns
79.     Hiding things in plain sight   
80.     If the gun situation gets that bad...  
81.     Liberty Soup   
82.     If you have to get sucked  into the national ID system...      
83.     Bugging out?   
84.     Underground railroad: hope of the future?      
85.     A joke that's not a bad idea   
86.     Nasty (sometimes amusingly juvenile) stuff     
87.     An interesting fact about auto airbags 
88.     Most important monkeywrenching device you can acquire  
89.     When cryptography isn't secure enough  
90.     Some novelty ID resources      
91.     Make some friends at the DMV (a fantasy)       
92.     A prediction about the fate of bullies 
93.     Mutual defense leagues 
94.     Most important self-defense weapon you can carry       
95.     On the non-cooperation of prisoners    
96.     The ethics of stealing 
97.     Assaulting those evil "compounds"!     
98.     Perfect disguise #2    
99.     To the kids: Don't pay our debts       
100.    Uncle Howard, Neils Bohr  and salvaging what you can   
101.    "...like a fish in water."

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