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I Am Not A Number

NOTE: As of late 1999, I have allowed this book to go out of print. There have been many changes in the privacy/citizen-numbering realm since Number was originally published -- some positive, others quietly catastrophic -- and I have not had time to update the book.
-- Claire

Thinking about going fishing?
Enrolling your child in school?
Getting a license to work as a plumber or hairdresser? Buying a gun?
Driving a car?
Going to a doctor?
Hirng a home care nurse?

Think again--because in the coming years, you won't be able to do any of the above without a federally issued ID number.

In I Am Not a Number one of the most compelling works on personal freedom to date, Claire Wolfe describes how federally mandated abuse of social security numbers and other "unique identifiers" (such as retina
scans or DNA codes) will erode privacy.

Your government-issued identifier, coupled with information about everything from your purchasing habits to your bowel habits to your school records will be absorbed into databases that can be accessed by various bureaucrats, enforcers, advertisers, the IRS and computer crackers. Your entire life is on file-whether you want it there or not.

These systems will make privacy and freedom things of the past-if you don't stop them. Fortunately, Wolfe spends most of the book proposing ways you can protect yourself.

In I Am Not A Number Wolfe, author of 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution, explains:

  • The advantages of being in -- and out -- of the system
  • How the present underground economy could become the financial basis for a new nation.
  • How people who refuse to be numbered could band together to form free communities
  • The operation of untraceable, non-governmental money and banking systems
  • How peaceful people, though principled non-cooperation with tyranny, may be able to bring down, or live outside of, a society that requires universal numbering.

The only way to slow and eventually stop the "numbers game" is to take action. The first step, however, is to read this book and talk to Wolfe. Before it's too late.


The Critics Cry:

"For those who have asked: Where can we go to escape the increasingly more obnoxious predations of Big Brother? Should we go offshore? Where are the free places? Are there relatively free communities in America?...this is it. Claire Wolfe, bless her heart, has put a bunch of good ideas and information together for us in this very valuable and entertaining book....I have to admit it. I adore Claire Wolfe. I love her biting attacks on corrupt governments and malicious bureaucracies. Even more I love her irreverent turn of phrase..." -- Vince Miller, International Society for Individual Liberty

"This is a book that we shouldn't have to read, but we are compelled by self-preservation to pick up and flip just in case. Once the book is open, it works like a fast-acting poison to paralyze the part of the readers brain that screams, 'Ignorance is bliss!'" -- K. Castleman S., Brat magazine.

"From all of us who consider it self-evident that the individual liberties which the Founders fought and died for are sacred, and that they must be preserved -- we hope fervently that you will pledge "your lives, your fortunes and your sacred honor" to having the courage to stand up to this evil, and to encourage everyone you know to do likewise. As the great sales motivator, Zig Ziglar, once said: "There are only three kinds of people: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder, 'what happened? I Am Not a Number was definitely written by the first kind. Hopefully there are enough like her out in Slave ID Land to turn the tide." -- Katherine von Tour, The Firearms Sentinel



"Thinking about going fishing? Enrolling your child in school? Getting a license to work as a plumber or hairdresser? Buying a gun?
Driving a car? Going to a doctor? Hiring a home care nurse?

Think again-because in the coming years, you won't be able to do any of the above without a federally issued ID number.
-- I Am Not a Number! by Claire Wolfe

 "Your entire life is on file--whether you want it there or not."

What's in I Am Not a Number? Here's the table of contents:

Introduction: Toppling Ozymandias      
Interlude One Other Scenarios Of Collapse 

Chapter One The Orgy Of Enslavement    
The Ominous Bludgeon Bill
A Little Law In Georgia
Laws Closing Like A Vice       
What About Fighting Within The System? 

Chapter Two Life In ID State America   
The ID Card Or Device  
Step Two: Tying Into Databases 
Surveillance Technologies:  The Future Is Closer Than They Want You To Know    
You Are The Criminal   
No Buying Or Selling Without The Mark  
We Will Outsmart The Bastards.  We Must.       

Chapter Three The Undocumented Citizen
For Some Of Us, It Was Easy... 
Non-Cooperation-Not Resistance 
Leaving The Abuser     
To Contend Without Contending  
What Non-Cooperation Isn't, Part I.    
What Non-Cooperation Isn't, Part Ii.   
Methods Of Individual Non-Cooperation  (And Some Consequences) 
Why I Believe Total Non-Cooperation Is Most Effective  

Chapter Four The Free American Community       
Recreating The Dreams Of Freedom       
Living Right Under Their Noses 
Why Community? 
Types Of Communities We Can Create Underground 
Some Ways Communities Can Work Together
Where's Your Own Safe Haven?   
The Most Important Thing You Need      
Interlude Two Maybe It's Time To Get Out       
Real Countries 
Country Wannabes       

Chapter Five Communications In The Free Community      
High Tech
Low Tech  (And More-Or-Less Above Ground)
Low Tech (And To Hell With All Authority)
Cre ating Creative Chaos

Chapter Six Travel In The Free Community       
On The Road    
On-And-Off Road: Convoys       
Getting Out Without A Passport 
The Underground Railroad       

Chapter Seven Finance And Trade In The Free Community  
Alternative Forms Of Money     
Alternative Banking Systems    
Id In Our Free Society 

Chapter Eight Medical Care In The Free Community       
So What Can We Do About It?    
First Things First: Decisions  
First Things First: Actions    
Paying For It  
Setting Up A Practice From Scratch     
Freelance Ambulance Services   
Still A Daunting Task  

Chapter Nine Work In The Free Community
What Is The Free Economy?
Independent Contractors In The Free Economy
Employment Vs. Self-Employment
Growing Occupations
Working Across Two Systems
Pure Satisfaction      

Chapter Ten And A Free World Of Other Things   
Protection In The Free Community       
Utilities And Local Services   
Children And Education 

Chapter Eleven Free People, Violence And Alternatives  
Preemptive Strikes Against Injustice   
The Threat Is-Now      
Handling Informants    
Non-Violent Resistance 

Afterword: The Prisoner

Appendix Freedom Resources

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