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By A "System" Dropout
Posted September 14, 1998

NOTE FROM CLAIRE: Funny thing, I get more and more mailings like this one. Wonder why that is...

Sammy, I Can't Afford Ya Any More

You're too expensive for all of us. Your size and scope of power has grown beyond all intentions of the Founders. You've become too bloated to work effectively. You've stuck your nose in other countries' business. You've taxed the people to the breaking point, on top of murdering them for "infractions" where no crime has been committed. You've sent America's sons and daughters to far away lands to do the bidding of that foreign government (UN) on our shores and in the process, sacrificed not a few of them on your altar.

You have placed many citizens in your prisons who have committed no crimes against others. You have invoked hateful statutes that confiscate the property of those who are suspected of so-called crimes but have not been convicted or charged. In short not only can I not afford you any more but you have become extraneous to my way of life and thinking.

You've punished the industrious and thrifty people by communistically redistributing the fruits of their labors to the lazy, indolent, to favored interest groups, and to foreign nations who have done nothing to earn these unjust enrichments. You are a contemptuous reprobate and I've removed you from all facets of my life. I am self-reliant and have no need of any of your "entitlements".

Sammy, I've Removed You From My Life

Since you've become too expensive for me to continue to support, I have removed from you the entirety of my consent to be governed. I take full responsibility for my own life and I promise you that no matter how bad conditions get for me that I will not come looking to you for ANY handouts whatsoever. I am known by all that my word is my bond.

Since I dont want to be socially engineered, or surveilled, or controlled, I have stopped paying all of your extortionary fees (taxation). I do pay all taxes that are lawfully owed. I am not however, against lawful taxation. The taxing system has degenerated into a scam to enrich the upper classes who by means of laws passed for their own benefit have placed the burden on the middle and lower classes. I will never again fill out your Communistic confession form or ever give you any information that you ask for since you will no doubt use it against me in one of your legislative tribunals which are in actuality courts of revenue.

I have made attempts to extricate myself from your Social "Security" system and have been told by your paid stooges that no procedure to do so exits. I submit to you that I HAVE withdrawn from your fraudulent scheme. I will not be there at the SS office on my 65th birthday because more likely than not Social Security will either have collapsed or the money will be so worthless that it won't buy anything. In addition the monies that you stole from me over 4 decades ago will not buy what they would have bought back then, and since I no longer contribute to that massive fraud, I have no interest in enhancing the purses of those that do, since stealing from those who wish to steal from others is not on "to do" list.

Sammy, I Will Defend Myself

Do not come to me and try to extort any of your funny money out of me, for your fraudulent "entitlements". Greenspan's monetary "shell game" is an absolute FRAUD as it is now known to me that the "income tax" is the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto. You can't run a country on worthless paper, but you can run it on the metals (gold/silver) that Founding Fathers set forth in that "decrepit old document" as you disprectfully address it, more commonly known as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (really Limitations).If you send your agents for me then I will kill them if I have to in order to protect myself from dishonest warrants. I will not rot in one of your filthy prisons for refusing to fill out a form that is supposed to be "voluntary".My bonds of slavery were broken many years ago and I don't want to return to that miserable condition. I have faith in the country but not in you. You are totally beyond redemption at this late date.

To govern means to rule. As a self-governing person, I don't need any rulers in my life. You have alienated and extorted many people to the point of bankruptcy,suicide, major despair,and the breakup of the family unit. I will not pay tribute to a government that burns men,women,and children to death, under the guise of "saving the children",or to a government that I truly believe blew up its own building in Oklahoma, then covered it up by destroying the remains of the building before impartial investigations could determine what really happened, or to a government that gets a "brave" murderer named Horiuchi exonerated, who from a safe distance killed a woman holding her "deadly" baby in her arms. To add insult to injury you have made the sheeple pay for your indiscretions, by removing $3 million from their pockets to pay for his heinous action, while telling the public the Weavers "got what they deserved".

Sammy you have no place in my life anymore.

If enough of the oppressed good people decide to revolt then I'll be there to join in with them. I have removed myself from the system because it has degenerated into that vile filth called "democracy" for which a free people who cherish liberty have no use. I want my Republic back and am willing to pay the ultimate price for those who come after me.

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14 September, 1998