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"The Free Flow of Information and Ideas and People."
By Liberty Belle
Posted February 2, 1998

"...21st century predators feed on technology and the free flow of information and ideas and people..." Bill Clinton, "State of the Union" 1/27/98

Dear Mr. President,

Tyranny breeds and grows and gains strength in dark and hidden places. The "free flow of information and ideas and people" has never in the course of human history shown itself to be anything short of miraculous...when information and ideas are available to citizens, it strengthens their yearnings for liberty and self-determination. That is why totalitarian regimes such as China find "the free flow of information and ideas" so completely distasteful and terrifying. They realize that unless they are able to control access to ideas and information, they will eventually loose their iron grip on the lives of a billion Chinese. And they fear that most of all.

So, Mr. President, why do you believe it is threatening to have a "free flow of ideas and information and people"? Is that not the very bedrock of self-government? The freedom to travel, the freedom to express ideas and to exchange information are only hazardous to those who are concerned they may lose mastery over others. Why else would someone wish to control what other people see, read and hear?

It has always been my understanding that as Americans we are considered "the freest of the free". Since the birth of this nation our foreign policy has been directed toward gaining such self-government for the citizens other nations and punishing those governments who refuse to grant autonomy to their people. Yet United States citizens have lost more and more of their liberty each year. How do you interpret this phenomenon?

Can you explain, Mr. President, why your administration believes it should have access to the contents of all electronic communications? I have heard the standard examples of aiding law enforcement, etc. but I fail to comprehend how having the ability to eavesdrop at will on all citizens will advance the cause of law enforcement. It is simply an engraved invitation to the kinds of abuse we have seen in the past, not only here in the United States, but in other countries such as the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

You also seem to assume it is the duty of the government to supervise the content of the Internet. Oh, of course you could never do this directly, so you attempted to place the responsibility upon the common carriers to monitor the content of the communications thru their networks. Thank God Almighty this concept was struck down by the Supreme Court as the imposition upon the Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech it truly is!

And what about the "free flow of people"? Do you wish for the U.S. to become a closed nation with walled borders? What of movement within those borders? Why is there now a provision for what is essentially a National ID Card within the Immigration Reform Act? Why is "government issued ID" demanded at all airport ticket counters before someone can board a plane, even for domestic flights? In order to move about on the nations (tax supported) highways, we must have and produce upon demand government granted permission to travel. We are required to register our private property in order to utilize it on public (tax supported) roads. Where does it end?

Mr. President, I respectfully request answers! Why are the freedoms and liberties of American Citizens being gradually removed from us? The "threats" of "terrorists" and "drug dealers" and "violent criminals" have been used to try and convince us that we need to be protected. Why are we not exhorted to take responsibility for our own safety? Why do you feel that you must provide 100,000 police officers who are not legally bound to protect individuals, but simply "serve and protect the community at large"? Is this not merely a "jobs program"?

We see thru your shenanigans and trickery! Please explain to us when they will stop! I am calling on you to be honest with the American people and explain the true motivations for the anxiety you regularly express regarding "the free flow of information and ideas and people"!!

Mr. President, I anxiously await your thoughts on these most significant matters! Your prompt attention is greatly appreciated.

Sue Frederick

(c)1998 Sue Frederick.
Sue is the web mistress for The E Pluribus Unum Patriot Group
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2 February, 1998