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A Brief Meditation on Individualism
By Craig Goodrich

And A Libertarian Christmas
By Fran Van Cleave
Posted December 24, 1997

A Brief Meditation on Individualism
By Craig Goodrich

I just got back from our annual family drive to enjoy the Christmas lighting and decoration in neighborhoods around Athens. The incredible variety -- from rather halfhearted surrealistic forms on a small solitary tree in the front yard to the most unbelievably elaborate displays, restrained naturalistic creches next door to a plastic Frosty and Rudolph with a pair of Wal-Mart angels on the roof -- reminded me yet again that we're a nation of a quarter of a billion distinct individuals, each of us crazy in some unique way, most of us impossibly stubborn, and all of us smarter and less predictable than the politicians think we are.

Be of good cheer, friends; for all the continuous stream of bad news and mendacity, it'll take more than a federal police force the size of Appleton, Wisconsin, and a bugridden IRS computer to destroy freedom here. We have nothing to fear from Sleazy, Dopey, Tipsy, Evita, and the rest of the evil dwarves pretending to run this country. The creative obstinacy of a quarter of a billion Americans will swamp any elite Grand Plan to Reform Society.

A Libertarian Christmas
(c) 1997 By Fran Van Cleave

Of holiday wishes this season
Mine must occasion mirth;
I wished for a new age of reason
to sweep all over the Earth.

For the whole human race to be freed
from dumb aristocracies,
where power, special interests, and "need"
form dreaded hypocracies.

A stake driven through Marx's heart
by Smith's invisible hand,
and none demonstrate against Walmart
in this rich and happy land.

No one's in prison who hasn't caused harm
It's common law, you see.
Militias are thanked for keeping us armed --
no business of D.C.

Welfare ends; churches and charities
pitch in to fill the gap,
moving beyond empty pieties
ends poverty ASAP!

Washington's shrunk to microscope size,
lawmakers lose their perks,
and admit the drug war's based on lies
of opportunistic Turks.

The global dictates of the village
have all gone up in smoke.
A parent's not subject for pillage
for just an occasional toke.

No taxes, no draft, no fed regulation,
no more bogus alarms.
No Algore cries of deforestation
ruining private farms.

Private firms mining both Ceres and Mars,
Building towns of Mooncrete,
Sending bold colonies out to the stars.
NASA's forced to compete!

No posturing pols on left or right
speaking in one shrill voice --
just normal folks having good Christmas nights;
then we can all rejoice.

More of Craig Goodrich's observations can be found at Goodrich 4 Congress.
Fran and Kent Van Cleave can be found at The Arizona Liberty Nexus
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20 November, 1997