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Wolf Tracks

Promises and Dreams and Things in Between

By Mike McNulty


What comes of a man subject to a long string of broken promises?
He doesn't trust anymore.

What happens to someone who can't trust anyone?
He loses hope.

Eventually he becomes a threat to the status quo.
Freedom truly is, when there's nothing left to lose.

America - Be careful how much you take from us when you don't keep your promises.

If you leave us empty, freedom becomes priceless , something to die for...

And we have.
Even as our fellows now laugh at our concerns, our spirits suffer a little more death.
A separation from this place called "America".

And now we seek the old Homeland.
The place of our father's dreams.
Perhaps we'll have to re-create it.

Never stand between a man and his dreams.
It's a dangerous place to be....
Because, there's nothing left to lose, and everything to gain.

We seek our destiny,
And Freedom is its name.

Mike McNulty is the co-producer of Waco: The Rules of Engagement.

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Wolf Tracks

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