I've updated the links to map to local files, since Wolfe's Lodge closed down. If you want to see the original Wolfe's Lodge (as it was lo those many years ago), visit Bill St. Clair's mirror archive.

Solving the Do-Gooder Crisis

Liberal Baiting

An Appointment with Mr. Bill Clinton

Outrunning the Satirists

Congressional English & Math Test (with Charles Curley)

Memorial to the Cold War (with Todd Howe)

Supporting Clinton Welfare Proposal

Five Die in Wrong House Raid

Today’s Electronic Civics Lesson (with Charles Curley)

You are What You Read?

Welcome to the Party

In Praise of Suicide

Oh Such a Happy America

You Will Pay For This Someday

Lord Horiuchi of Ruby Ridge

My “Ties” to Timothy McVeigh

Psychiatry for Dummies

Little Brother is Watching

Working on the Railroad: A Ticket to Freedom

The Road to Heart Mountain: Rumors, FEMA and the Future

Mike Kemp, Snitch Detector

After the Fall of Justice

A Number, Not a Name: Big Brother by Stealth

Welcome to Future Felons of America

A Speech Before the Arizona Libertarian Party Convention

On the Day I Die By Deborah Marie Pulaski, as told to Claire Wolfe

Land Mine Legislation

Evil Came to My Door

Libertarians and the Privacy of Friends

As Far Away as I Can Get

A National Monolog on Turpitude


Sierra Times

Backwoods Home Magazine




WorldNet Daily

Wolfe's Lodge Archive



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