ClaireWolfe.Com - Claire's Home on the Web. Includes a 'blog for off-the-cuff Claire Commentary.

Sierra Times - Claire is a regular columnist for this online news site; she has also quoted its Editor-in-Chief, J J Johnson, in Don’t Shoot the Bastards (Yet).

Backwoods Home Magazine - Claire also writes a regular column for this excellent bi-monthly print magazine. While we can't reprint those columns here, the website for this publication often features bonus columns by Claire. We link to the articles whenever this occurs.

The Mental Militia - Non-violent "militians of the mind" who hope to spark a world-wide awakening to the reality of today's sovereign human being, to the various levels of Statism which absorb the individual's life-energies, work, emotional capacities, and, yes, even mind.

Doing Freedom! - An excellent libertarian site. I particularly recommend the fiction stories “Postage Due”, “Countermeasures”, and “Troika” (none of which are by Claire, but still excellent). Very informative and entertaining.

Liberty Round Table - This Libertarian organization has, among other things, implemented a “101 Club” based on Claire’s writings.

The Libertarian Enterprise - Founded by L. Neil Smith, this weekly e-zine has great articles, reviews, and essays by many of your favorite libertarian writers, including El Neil himself.

The Free State Project - Mentioned in two different articles by Claire, The Free State Project is a plan in which 20,000 or more liberty-oriented people will move to a single state of the U.S. to secure there a free society and create a shining example of liberty for the rest of the nation and the world.

Privacy Alert Online -- Featuring the syndicated newspaper columns of Vin Suprynowicz, The Libertarian, his monthly newsletter, Privacy Alert, his books, the Mountain Media Bookstore of books on privacy, liberty, freedom, gun rights, education in America, buying coins and gold, and much more.

Wolfe’s Lodge - Wolfe's Lodge was Claire’s personal web site, which has since closed its doors. All of her writings from Wolfe's Lodge can be found in the Wolfe's Lodge Archive section. As mentioned above, Claire's new 'net home is www.clairewolfe.com. However, Bill St. Clair has a mirrored archive of the original Wolfe's Lodge on his site.



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