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This page tells you how to install BlogMax in your Emacs and how to set up your first web site.

The file blogmax.el is all the code you need, in addition to Emacs itself. If you byte compile it with byte-compile-file, or use the distributed blogmax.elc, it will load and run faster. Put both of these files in the "lisp" sub-directory of your Emacs directory (or anywhere else that you please). Now, add the following line to your ".emacs" file:

(require 'blogmax)
If you put blogmax.el and blogmax.elc in some directory other than the Emacs "lisp" directory, e.g. "~/emacs-extensions/", then use the following instead in your .emacs file:
(require 'blogmax "~/emacs-extensions/blogmax.el")
You can also load it explicitly with "M-x load-file" or by opening the file in a buffer and doing "M-x eval-buffer". Usually, however, you'll want to load it with require in your .emacs file.

To set up your first web site, pick or create a directory, and create a weblog.ini file in that directory. The easiest way to do this is to copy the weblog.ini file from this web site into your directory, and then edit it to describe your site.

Copy the templates files, page-template.tmpl, content-template.tmpl, day-template.tmpl, and story-template.tmpl to your site's root directory. Customize them as you desire. The template files contain nothing specific to this site, so you can use them as they are if you want your site to be similar to this one. Well, almost nothing. The links in the left-hand column are defined by, which is included by page-template.tmpl.

Then copy this site's rss-template.xml file to your site's root directory, and edit it to describe your site, as documented on the RSS page.

Finally, copy this site's shortcuts.el file to your site's root directory. This file is where the weblog-add-shortcut command (C-x C-a) stores new shortcuts. It is an Emacs lisp file, so be careful when editing it by hand.

You're ready to start blogging. The Day in the Life page will help you get started creating content, but you'll probably want to read the rest of the docs as well.

Overview | Contents | weblog.ini

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