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This page tells you how to configure the template for creating RSS for your site. RSS is a news syndication standard. BlogMax creates RSS that is similar to that created by Radio Userland. By my limited understanding, this is not quite up to the standard, but it appears to work.

Copy the rss-template.xml file from this site to your site's root directory, and edit it to describe your site. Here's that file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rss version="0.91">
    <!-- You need to customize this information -->
    <title>weblog.el: Blogging in Emacs</title>
    <description>A wonderful tool for maintaining a weblog</description>
    <!-- These are just examples. They will be filled in on generation -->
    <pubDate>Thu, 31 May 2001 04:00:00 GMT</pubDate>
    <lastBuildDate>Thu, 31 May 2001 17:18:53 GMT</lastBuildDate>
      <!-- The items are all automatically generated. Don't change this -->
      <description>I maintain my weblogs with blogmax.el</description>
The part that you edit is the text of the tags below the comment, "You need to customize this information". BlogMax will fill in the "pubDate", "lastBuildDate", and "item" tag information when it generates RSS. Currently, no macro expansion is done during RSS file creation. I'll likely change this at some point to allow for creation of different versions of RSS.

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