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Why use the name Cheniere for the Website?

Status report on the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator

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Lt. Col Thomas E. Bearden (retd.)
PhD, MS (nuclear engineering), BS (mathematics - minor electronic engineering)
Co-inventor - the 2002 Motionless Electromagnetic Generator - a replicated overunity EM generator
Listed in Marquis' Who'sWho in America, 2004



Energy from the Vacuum
Science Series DVDs now available
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new 2nd Edition just released
by Tom Bearden & John Bedini

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Table of Contents



Technical Papers

20 April

Free Energy and Overunity Section 

4 April

Antoine Prioré's Healing Machine
Financed by the French Government and World Health Organization
Cured thousands of cancer cases and other cellular afflictions
Latest Bedini DVD and booklet explains Prioré science

 25 July, 2016

34 Flaws in Classical EM Theory
(Maxwell's Theory is 136 years old, and has been severely mutilated) 

 6 July 2005

The Missing Infolded Electrodynamics  
(85 slides - includes Cold Fusion)

16 April, 2001

Books and Booklets 

"Star Wars Now!" just re-released. 2nd Edition

11 Dec..

Selected Correspondence  / Blog

13 April,

A Visual Tour of what they don't want you to know 
about electrical circuits

A trillion times as much energy flow is ignored and wasted as is utilized!

24 April, 2001


25 August

How to Neutralize Nuclear Waste in 9.1 minutes

3 Dec. 2002

  Briefings and Lectures 

9 September, 2008


Weapons Slides 20 October, 2001
Foundations of Electromagnetics
(slide series)

15 Nov., 2001

Gulf War Disease

8 Aug., 2003


5 March, 2001

Energy (slide series) 

6 March, 2001

Mind Control

8 June, 2001

Biogenesis and Cloning 
Plus the huge dangers associated with current cloning efforts

21 Dec., 2002

Renaissance Healing

19 April, 2001


9 May, 2001

Satellite/radar anomalies 

31 Jan, 2004

Cloud anomalies

31 May

Building A Scalar Wave Detector

6 July, 2001

How to Photograph Scalar EM

26 Nov., 2001

Reference Material

22 August,


20 September,

Additional Topics

22 May,

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Most of the pioneering work in the formulation of the superelectromagnetics theory and the development of overunity devices has been financed predominantly
by the personal funds and savings of those involved.

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