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10 December 2002 meeting (first below)
14 January 2003 meeting (second below)


The conservatives are clueless of why you are laughing at them, much to your greater amusement.

Is there any error expressed herein?


10 December 2002, Tuesday, 7:PM, TVSA meeting, TVSA Lodge, Fairbanks Alaska.


So I told the president of the Tanana Valley Sportsmens Association (TVSA) that the discussion he refused to allow in the meeting would be presented on this website.

He then refused to allow time for a reasonable discussion of the most important vote TVSA members would make in its history so far. No problem.

Remember, your task is to learn from this material that which all the conservative organization leaders are not sufficiently intelligent to learn, explaining why conservatives perpetually dump their money and thus labor into goals that the leaders already doomed right from the get-go.

You may laugh at the conservatives suggesting achievements that seem to contradict the prior sentence, because you can recognize that those scant and temporary achievements occurred only by default, created by the failure of the equally idiot liberals doing the same thing as conservatives. In contrast to becoming dependent upon the greater ignorance of an opponent, you can advance your knowledge to achieve goals in face of real competition. Dependence on an opponent's ignorance would stagnate your mind at that intellectual nadir. What would eventually happen to the champion football team which won all its games by default? Do not end up as incapable as the conservative adults who display the laughable contradictions illuminated herein.

While the TVSA members and other conservatives cannot understand what this sentence is stating, everyone else can recognize that this page could be lifted nearly verbatim from what conservatives accuse of liberals. What does that mean? Why are conservatives incessantly frustrated by what they accurately accuse of the liberals? Why? Notice that young people can accurately answer the questions from the preceding data, while adults therefore more stridently blame the other guy and cannot understand how the other guy can get away with such stuff.

If you accuse the other guy of lying to achieve his goals, as the conservatives say of the liberals, and he achieves them, because lying creates an untenable contradiction and thus an ultimately doomed goal, does your accusation not therefore prove that your opponent is more intelligent than you, because he can saddle himself with such a disadvantage, and you still cannot figure out how to promptly defeat him? If your opponent is more intelligent than you, would you not be wiser to support him to derive the benefits of greater intelligence within a species predicated on intelligence, unless you were either too ignorant to recognize that truism, or you were too ignorant to resolve your own self-defeating contradictions?

The vote before the TVSA members at the December meeting was to authorize the TVSA directors to sell the TVSA property. The Directors had already proven their craving for the power to sell the property, and their intent to sell it, to get a lot of money to spend in the name of the good of the people, like government sorts say to you. Therefore the vote was on whether to sell the property, not just authorize the possible sale.

Oh, the TVSA leaders call themselves trustees, but TVSA is not a trust, so I will refer to them as directors or leaders, to not sustain the contradiction.

So the first thing the president did for the discussion on the property sale proposal, was to decree that discussion would be limited to 3 minutes per person, without any need in relation to the available time. That is a routine tactic for conservatives who cannot tolerate the expression of reasoning. Leaders inherently fear and evade the open expression of data not controlled by them.

Did the conservatives not say that the liberals refuse to allow the merits of issues to be fully discussed? Imagine the dishonesty of those slimy liberals who cannot tolerate the open expression of truth.

It was easy to identify that the leadership, who wanted to get that money, had loaded the meeting with their friends, while they remain clueless that the current minority opposition which suggests the ultimately doomed result of selling TVSA's property for benefit of the indoor target shooters, is more amused by facilitating the leaders, to produce record of another Manhattan-for-beads lesson to prove the entrenched greed and idiocy of typical conservatives with sparkly beads dangled in front of their eyes. Thirty one of the 200 TVSA members showed up for this historic TVSA vote, an unusually large number for a TVSA meeting. Notice the indication of intellectual vulnerability by loading a meeting with people who had already identified their inability to effectively question leaders, and their not wanting to listen to anything not supporting the leadership's greed for easy money. It is inherent to such a tactic that it would be revealed by several mechanisms, including the decree that discussion would be limited, and a more amusing indicator mentioned later.

The discussion ensued with the usual stuff. Keep in mind that the leaders already stated their intent to sell the property as soon as possible, and already had the property surveyed for subdivision. While the proposal was to authorize the leaders to sell the property, both the prior newsletter and several member comments suggested to those who are too ignorant to identify controlling concepts, that this vote was not to sell the property, but only to authorize the leaders to possibly sell it, as a useful tool to design the future of the club and other such typical DemocanRepublicrat political flimflammery fooling fools. The vote was on whether to sell the property.

When the conservative gun owners decry the amusing lies of the liberal anti-gunners who say they only want you to vote for a gun registration law as a tool to reduce crime, not confiscate guns, the conservative gun owners prove themselves to be intellectually void and as dishonest as the liberals when they turn around and say they only want you to vote for the leadership authorization to sell TVSA's property, as a tool to design the future of the club, not necessarily sell all the property. Registering guns or selling the property is unimportant compared to your mind being able to recognize that the minds of conservative adults, who so blatantly contradict their own mind's recognitions, are obviously useless to them or anyone else, and will train your mind to become that addled if you do not ruthlessly question such glaring contradictions created by human minds of the same design as in your cranium, if the conservative adults have one rattling around in there somewhere.

You will never, in your entire life, figure out how to defeat your opponent's illogical actions imposed with institutional power, if you never learn how to defeat your own, by design of the human mind whose singular design you and your opponents share. If you do as the idiot conservative adults do, and therefore strive for inherently corrupting power rather than the ability to effectively utilize reasoning, you will become one, angered and confused by your inherent loss of rights, money and time to the concept of power which you can never possess without maliciously attacking the rights of humans, including your own and those of your offspring. You cannot forcefully hold down the other guy, without staying down with him, unable to advance yourself beyond him.

To dodge an accurate public analysis of fundamentally dishonest actions for which leaders of that nature seek approval of followers, among such things as unnecessarily limiting discussion, leaders routinely interject a morass of rhetorical maybes and mights and possiblies and not necessarilies, to pick-off another percentage of gullible people who would otherwise seek or listen to precise, accountable data. If you are dishonest and crave power, remember that routine old trick, but if you use it, it will progressively make you as ignorant as conservative organization leaders who cannot sustain their cravings without using such ultimately self-defeating tactics that train their minds to not recognize accountable reasoning. Your mind is worth infinitely more to you than all the millions of dollars, ego-feeding titles and positions of leadership, so craved by conservative organization leaders using the old power and deceit-based tactics.

Worthy of note for the lesson it offers was the predictable old statement by a member that the leaders were elected because the members trust them, so the leaders should be granted whatever power they requested to do what they say is their job because we should trust them. Fools inviting betrayal or seeking to betray others, trust other people. Wise people instead thoroughly question the other person, to ascertain the accountable facts for written record, to leave no need for inherently fallible and routinely betrayed trust.

It is too easy to ask effective questions for record. That ease reveals the fools who merely trust their leaders instead of ruthlessly question them. Why has every Republicrat US President in recent decades, whom NRA leaders said that NRA members should trust, rather than question for accountable record, openly betrayed the rights of gun owners, while NRA leaders therefore paid AcMac PR Consultants more millions of NRA member dollars to crank out more dazzling excuses fooling gullible NRA members? Why? How were the predictable betrayals prepared? Only young people are sufficiently intelligent to accurately answer those questions from the preceding data, while TVSA leaders who merely trusted NRA leaders remain so confused and worse that they advocate the members send NRA leaders yet more money and yet more trust them rather than question their glaring contradictions.

Never trust me. Instead, simply ask your questions and write my answers, and question those answers, to learn the accuracy or error of my statements. Would you trust anyone who did not say that? Would you trust anyone who did not allow the opportunity for you to effectively question them, or who dodged your questions? Conservative adults merely trust their conservative adult leaders who never question their decisions, and thus remain clueless of why they keep having problems.

The list of amusing contradictions created, and not resolved, in the one-sided discussion at the TVSA meeting, was long and predictable. Fools make decisions on unresolved contradictions, and further illuminate the available storage capacity in their cranium by making no effort to resolve the contradictions. Contradictions are resolved by adding more data. Of course my comments were cut off at three minutes, for a meeting that adjourned early and involved comparatively worthless other matters.

The vote of the members present at the meeting, for the first of two required votes, was 76 percent in favor of the sale, with a few abstentions, for a vote that required a 75 percent approval. I was amused that the vote was not more decidedly in favor of the sale. But more revealing of the vulnerability of the leadership, inherent to people using such tactics, was the sudden appearance of a large gaggle of additional proxy votes in favor of the sale, leaving the sale more overwhelmingly approved. The proxy votes were granted to two of the leaders supporting the sale, if you can imagine such a coincidence. There was no prior mention in the one-sided newsletter article on the issue, of the opportunity or intent to use proxy votes. To suggest that so many members, on their own accord, without any organized effort to gather pro-sale proxies, asked the leaders to represent their vote at this meeting, would fool only the most gullible fools. Upon subsequent question, the leadership maladroitly attempted that suggestion. In all that we do in life, we only identify our integrity. The TVSA property or a shiny new shooting range free to the target shooters are so void of real value that only a fool would surrender their priceless integrity for either.

This issue can reveal your ability to think, ask questions, and resolve identified contradictions. From that knowledge, you can ask the subsequent questions that will train your mind to be so much more effective than the conservative adults, that you will laugh yourself to tears every time you watch them attempt to get something for nothing, and replace the human mind's reasoning process with dumb old political scams fooling only fools.

And therefore, for the first of the two required votes to sell TVSA's property out from under it to get free money to build a shiny new indoor shooting range for the target shooters, the proposal was adopted, and TVSA is half way to losing its remarkable property, for a functional scam, much to the amusement of observers.

Among other things, there was an artificially defined lack of time to ask and answer the following series of questions so the answers could be related to each other, and the resulting questions asked and answered:

1. If all the TVSA property is sold, as openly and repeatedly suggested by the leadership, what is the gross amount of money that will likely be derived?

2. What is the sum of all the expenses itemized for record, including contingencies, lawyer fees and their possible failure to defend against an inherent bureaucratic and tax attack using the usual labyrinth of suddenly revealed laws and regulations, on that large amount of liquid cash held by non-profit organization leaders noticeably inexperienced with this exercise and having created a bevy of political opponents?

3. What is the net, for record, thus available to benefit TVSA members?

4. What is an accountable cost for record, for the land that the TVSA leaders intend to purchase with the money?

5. What is the accountable cost for record, for the facility the TVSA leaders intend to build with the money?

6. What is the accountable ratio (a.) of the money to be spent for the indoor shooting range benefiting the indoor target shooters, versus the money spent for the open land and other facilities benefiting the diverse, non-target shooting sportsmen, and further, that ratio (b.) in comparison to the existing TVSA land and facilities?

7. What is the accountable cost for record, for the annual maintenance of that facility?

8. What is the accountable cost for record, for the initial and annual, peripheral expenses not described in the cost of the new property and facility?

9. Where is the proposed location of the new facility?

10. Will the location and facilities unequivocally attract more members than can be attracted to the current site with the same amount of donated leadership activity?

If the TVSA leaders cannot sign their name to the answers for those fundamental questions, for record to be judged with hindsight, using even the most conservative figures inherent to a financially responsible administrator of someone else's money, and those answers do not demonstrate a clear and evident benefit to the current and future diversity of TVSA members, not just TVR&P members (the indoor target shooters of the Tanana Valley Rifle and Pistol Club), then the leaders might obviously be fools whose failure is certain, and the members may therefore be fools for giving them the authority to sell TVSA property, much to the amusement of observers.

No fiscally responsible leaders of any private enterprise company would sell valuable assets of investors for such a nebulous pie-in-the-sky proposal that did not answer those questions for record, as the first and least process for such a proposal. Therefore precisely why would the TVSA leaders and members do so? What is the effect of two million dollars cash, on a greedy, lazy mind, while a two million dollar piece of property requires work to derive any benefit? Well?

What is the cost of thinking sufficiently to ask and answer questions, writing them, illuminating foresight, and what is the cost of instead intentionally remaining ignorant of available knowledge to subject oneself to the results of hindsight? Well?

To assist your understanding of what the conservative adults cannot recognize because they do not think enough to resolve contradictions, consider above question 6(b). Imagine the results of the sale taken to court by a TVSA member claiming that TVSA was defrauded for benefit of TVR&P. Court is merely an impartial forum to examine the facts that one or both parties refused to prior examine, and then resolve the disputed contradiction by use of all the facts under the related law, rather than political power or other flawed process. Court is not limited to a three minute presentation by each party.

A primary maxim of law is that substance (what is actually manifested) must follow form (what is ascribed to the official paperwork). If there is a dispute between substance and form, the substance prevails. For example, if two parties sign a contract for the purchase of a car, and then party purchasing the car hastily drives away with the car and a copy of the signed contract, without handing over the money, the form of the signed contract will not prevail over the substance of him not paying for the car.

TVSA and TVR&P have established themselves as legally separate entities, with a recorded history of such, representing identifiably different activities. There is no form that can replace the substance of their separation and separate interests. One of them cannot lawfully claim to represent or attach the other or both. They have associated their activities on TVSA's property, specifically, in the basement of TVSA's lodge.

The total current value of the TVSA property and lodge, compared to the current value of the TVR&P basement shooting range is near a ratio of 19 to 1, or as a percentage, 95 percent of the value belongs to TVSA and 5 percent to TVR&P, if that much for TVR&P.

Under the fiduciary responsibilities of the TVSA directors, if TVSA's property is sold, one potential for fraud could occur if a significantly less than market value is knowingly and intentionally derived, as represented by the concluding action. That is not a central question in this issue, since there seems to be no intent to derive a lesser total value from selling the property and using the money. No form can replace the substance therein. This aspect is mentioned for perspective on the following.

Separately, as noted in question 6(b), if the question is of the ratio of concluding value derived for TVSA versus TVR&P, fraud would have occurred if the value of the new facility did not overwhelmingly benefit TVSA in financial substance, with a small percentage benefiting the indoor target shooters of TVR&P. No form or hollow political words of theoretical and intangible benefits, can replace the hard financial substance.

Obviously, the exact opposite of the substance has already been ascribed to extensive, indelible record, by the TVSA leaders, proving knowing and willing intent beyond any question. With only fleeting lip service to the contrary, the entire discussion of selling TVSA property has centered on using the money to build and maintain a fancy new indoor shooting range off somewhere out of town.

Your primary consideration of the above is not the near certainty of a court case over such glaring fraud, but your mind's ability to recognize the obvious reasoning, which is also found within prevailing law. Prevailing law constitutes sentences of reasoning, not sentences of conclusions as found in statute laws. Prevailing law, or common law, is not understood by lawyers. They are trained to be professional liars and thus idiots, using inferior process laws to scam money from ignorant and gullible clients. The reason that law schools stopped teaching law, and started teaching only inferior process laws, about ninety years ago, is a separate and intriguing topic.

Unlike adult conservatives, a wise person merely asks and answers all the questions that would be asked and answered in court, and synthesizes the resulting answers that contain no contradictions, to derive the reasoning for his actions, which is only coincidentally found in prevailing law as well, to therefore not need the services of an impartial court judge applying the same reasoning as described in law.

Your goal is to recognize and utilize the human mind's reasoning process that the power-damaged minds of organization leaders flee. The inferior process of power within the human mind can never allow a mind it infects to access the superior process of reasoning, least power could not exist within the human mind.

Therefore, you may test your mind's reasoning ability, in comparison with conservative adults. What are your answers to the following questions, if you were a TVSA leader holding his legal liability, and your answers would be presented to the public or court for judgment of your reasoning ability? Would you recommend selling the TVSA property for anything of lesser value? If the TVSA property is sold for money to build a new facility, should the tangible value of the new facility represent the interests of TVSA and TVR&P in any ratio other than what is represented within the value of the existing TVSA property? How would you describe a TVSA leader who refused to answer the two foregoing questions, for record, before recommending the sale of TVSA property?

The extent of contradictions created by attempting to sustain an original contradiction with more contradictions illuminates what will happen to your mind if you attempt that ancient tactic of conservative adults.

Not discussed by the target shooters at the meeting, for fear of such discussion, is that among the many amusing games these conservative sportsmen play, have been the bow hunters politically supporting the comparative reduction of gun hunter opportunities to get exclusive bow hunting areas and seasons just because the bow hunters choose to use a less effective and less efficient hunting tool, fun game that it is. So while the leaders fool themselves by denying it, the gun hunters who are comparatively disadvantaged by force of those special-interest laws, routinely bad-mouth the bow hunters, and inherently seek ways to conveniently retaliate against the bow hunters. That is how the human mind functions, and how rights are lost among those who cannot distinguish rights from preferences that are politically scammed through politicians writing laws to benefit their cronies.

So what might you think the obviously unthinking target shooters, already under intense political attack creating force of increasing laws and regulations, will inherently earn for themselves by selling the land of the generalized sportsmen to exclusively benefit the target shooters who are too lazy to raise the money for their own shooting range? How many future Fairbanks area non-target shooting sportsmen, after seeing the increasing value of that beautiful place on the Chena River, sold out from under them, will join those who bad-mouth and seek to retaliate against the target shooters? Did you think that humans do not inherently seek to disadvantage those who disadvantage or scam others? Well?

How many non-target shooting sportspersons are going to drive all the way out to an out-of-town, noisy indoor target shooting range, just because it has a meeting room, instead of meeting at a more convenient and pleasant place in or near town?

How do you create enemies from allies? Consider answering the question with a written list of the processes, so you will recognize them when you see them manifested. From among your answers, identify the common fundamentals, so your mind will recognize them when you see them manifested.

The conservatives are clueless of the real reason they are losing the free exercise of their otherwise unalienable rights, because the conservatives trained their minds to be too unintelligent and fearful to simply answer the type of questions on this website and elsewhere, and sign their name to their written answers, for their own mind to identify and question their answers. Do not let that happen to your mind, or you will continue to lose your rights, and be equally clueless of the real reason. If you cannot identify the source of a problem, you will not be able to solve the problem.

But it was inherent that the TVSA meeting comedy would simply escalate. Genuine comedy is found in the genuine, not contrived, contradictions created by humans. Is not a joke, cartoon or comedy, merely the creation of an identifiable contradiction that illuminates the originator as not able to think sufficiently to resolve the contradiction before it is manifested, while you promptly recognize the contradiction in the punch-line? Well? Therefore is not the more amusing contradiction that which is real, while you recognize the contradiction, and the originator does not, even when you explain it to him, or give him the full opportunity to recognize it? Well? Learning how to easily resolve the glaring contradictions that the other guy refuses to learn how to resolve, will offer you more entertainment and laughter than all the superficial, contrived jokes in the world. You can learn that knowledge. You need only practice asking the next question when the other guy displays his contradiction and refuses to question it.

After the vote on the money grab, under the agenda item of new business not prior identified, to fill time, the same old discussion emerged about the need to revitalize the club, among members who enjoy saying the same old things. Laughably, it was suggested that yet another committee be formed to say the same old things about that issue in yet another committee report, instead of doing anything. I was ascribed to that committee, which shall therefore be most entertaining if it ever meets.

Next, one of the members stressed that when he joined TVSA fifteen years ago, it was just a lodge with a shooting range in the basement, and now it was still the same, with nothing else to offer, precisely what he just prior voted to recreate at a less convenient location, and he could not figure out the contradiction he displayed. He mentioned a list of diverse outdoor sportsmen activities and interests that TVSA could attract, none of which were indoor target shooters, and each of which would be attracted to a location more convenient to the population center, and he could not figure out the contradictions in his words even immediately after he voted to defeat his suggestions. I let slip a light chuckle.

Next, one of the members stated that for TVSA to exist it had to be a social organization with activities for many people including women. The membership immediately expressed their agreement. Upon analysis of the families and associates of a sportsperson, wherein a gradient of related interest will always exist, what percentage of that gradient will be attracted to a nearby log lodge, secluded on 13 acres of beautiful wooded bank on the Chena River, for a social activity, and what percentage would be attracted to a noisy, sterile indoor shooting range out of town? If you say words that verifiably mean one thing, and then take actions that verifiably mean the opposite, you will define yourself as a typical American political conservative adult illuminated herein. Save yourself from that.

Have you ever heard a realtor repeatedly emphasize the words, location location location? Why such repetition? What might realtors know about what makes property valuable? How many people can be attracted to a convenient location of beautiful river-side property close to a population center, creating its value, and how many to a distant location that is cheap and available for a shooting range precisely because few people are attracted to it? Well?

If you end up like conservative adults displaying your mind as such a joke, blatantly contradicting your own words and actions with your own words and actions, in the same time frame that a stand-up comedian uses on stage, then you will are missing the reason that thinking people around you are laughing robustly, albeit the moment they leave the building so as to be polite.

After all the ludicrous rhetorical illusions are fabricated to get the money of fools, how many people of what diversity of interests for what activities can you attract to a distant building known to be a noisy shooting range, with a costly high volume ventilation system needed to solve a poison lead problem? Well? Who uses the existing shooting ranges for what activities? What minds are so limited to their narrow shooting lane that they cannot answer those easily answered questions? Would YOU organize social functions for the fly fishermen or boaters, at a nearby lodge on the bank of a river, or at a distant indoor shooting range in the non-descript Fairbanks area woods? What is your answer? What questions would the fly fisherman and boaters, their husbands or wives, ask of your decision? Fly fishermen and boaters were among those mentioned as people TVSA needed to attract to TVSA, and easily could. Yet everything said about a new facility for TVSA, except scant lip service, describes an indoor shooting range, complete with the diagrams of a new shooting range only, posted on the wall. The minds of the TVSA leaders literally cannot recognize the unresolved contradictions they have created for indelible record, illuminated within the foregoing two sentences, even if you print out this paragraph and hand it to them.

Why would you not simply state the accurate answer to any question so you can advance your knowledge with that accurate data, rather than attempt to lie or dodge the question to thus attempt to create an inherently doomed fabrication based on untenable contradictions? Do you want to end up like conservative adults who create rather than resolve contradictions, or instead train your mind for ever-advancing utility to you? You may wish to answer that question, and act on your answer. You are on your own. The conservative adults certainly cannot benefit you in that regard. They have urinated-away the designed ability of their own mind.

The obvious resolution to the above contradiction, readily available to the indoor target shooters, so they can advance the utility of their minds, is to merely state, for record, that they seek to sell TVSA's property to benefit a narrow group of indoor target shooters at the concluding cost of the diversity of Tanana Valley sportsmen. Therein if the Tanana Valley sportsmen either agreed or had no mechanism to defend themselves or successfully retaliate, and if they wanted a facility for a Sportsmens Association, they could take their club elsewhere and start from scratch again. No problem. There are new clubs successfully starting from scratch every day. That proves the ease of doing so. The resolution of the contradiction is easy. If you sell the ability of your mind to recognize and resolve contradictions, even for all the money, land or power in the world, you are what common-sense humans are laughing at, and that would be the comic service you provide for humans.

As openly proven by their actions, it is literally beyond the comprehension of the current TVSA leaders and majority of members, how to start or revitalize a simple sportsmens club, even if you hand them the choicest 13 acres of river-bank property in town, and a log lodge with a stone fireplace, wildlife head mounts on the walls, electricity, running water, a full basement, chairs and tables. The TVSA leaders are surrounded by people who have started and revitalized clubs from scratch, and achieved much more impressive results than TVSA. But the TVSA leaders repeatedly refuse to even allow such people to speak to them during their meetings, because they apparently want a dazzling 2 million green American dollar bills instead, while they mouth hollow words to the contrary.

It becomes more amusing, of course. Among the idle new business to fill time for which there was not enough to allow a full discussion of the property sale, was the old discussion of how TVSA could get more money. Discussing it is perpetually comfortable, and requires no work. What do the conservatives say about those liberals and their government scams? The discussion started at grants, and promptly sank to government scams.

This is how addled the conservative adults have become. Fort Wainwright is an Army post adjacent to Fairbanks, and owns no few thousand acres, including artillery and bombing ranges. It has rifle and pistol shooting ranges out the wassoo, if you can imagine such a thing for an Army post housing infantry. The ranges are usually idle. Eielson Air Force Base is a short drive down the road, as large, with as many acres and facilities. The State of Alaska has the wealthiest per capita government in the nation, whose cash flow and reserves from oil taxation dwarfs most other States. It owns no few million acres. The State recently built a modern, high tech indoor shooting range in Fairbanks, owned by the State Department of Fish and Game, that it does not use for a few months each year. The federal and State governments own the land in Alaska, with less than 2 percent privately owned by individuals, and a larger but still small percent owned by the Native Corporations. Alaska is large. The government lacks no land, money or shooting facilities available to government sorts.

So now comes forward the Alaska State Troopers, miffed that the Fish and Game Department got a shiny new shooting range. The Troopers apparently claim that they do not have a shooting range sufficiently shiny for their inordinately well funded whims, if you can imagine such a thing of insatiably greedy government sorts. The police of most other states would beg for half of what the Alaska State Troopers have. What happens to the human mind when it can force money from the citizenry, under armed threat of arrest and jail, and not face competition for its supposed services? Well, who, by identification of their institution and their nature, fears to state the obvious answer to that question? The State Troopers suggest that they need land for a new shooting range, and the range, for training in all weapons including full automatic machine guns. They and their conservative colleagues cannot recognize any contradictions in the above.

Now add to this scam Alaska's Senator Ted Stevens, one of the most powerful and openly described most effective pork money grabbers in the Washington DC hog wallow. Throw in the Federal Homeland Security Gestapo Act, and you have the ingredients discussed at the TVSA meeting.

What do the conservatives say about the results of getting involved with so called free government money? Then what do the conservatives do to create a comedy of lies with their words? Who dictates the results, at cost of whom, when a private entity puts 10 bucks into a project, and the government puts in a penny? How do the conservatives answer that question? It was seriously suggested in the discussion at the TVSA meeting, that a grant through the new Homeland Security Gestapo Act, by way of Ted Stevens, to TVSA, is rumored to be possible and could facilitate a new State Trooper shooting range, with TVSA coming to the table with the land, of all things, for a so called cooperative effort, for some assumed benefit to TVSA. I held my laughter until later. They are working on it.

Would you even waste your time discussing such a typical special interest pork barrel scam decried by conservatives, when even the total success would leave your otherwise private organization dancing faster to the more discordant tune of the government bureaucracy? About whom do the Alaska sportsmen complain when they discuss the government-written shooting and hunting laws that now grow by volumes rather than pages each year? Well?

Those outside Alaska would laugh themselves to tears if they heard the stories of the rampant political scams in the wealthiest and thus most corrupted State government in the wealthiest and thus most corrupted national government. Consider that the Veterans Administration is routinely refusing medical service to the less wealthy and thus less able to defend their rights, military veterans in Alaska, for a claimed lack of doctors, while the VA's useless and increasing paperwork requirements are shuffled by an increasing legion of expensive bureaucrats, while Senator Stevens recently facilitated a transfer of VA funds to build a new ski lodge benefiting the most wealthy and healthy of non-veterans, certain of whom politically support Stevens, as usual. The list is too long to ever publish, and growing. If you are not laughing yourself to tears at the idiot conservative military veterans who still mindlessly support Stevens and the other lying DemocanRepublicrats, you are missing the only benefit they offer humans.

Pity any TVSA leaders outraged that any members would discuss in public what the members and leaders discussed at an open TVSA meeting, such as herein and elsewhere. The leaders will inherently escalate their secrecy from members, for their back room political dealings to get green dollar pork or money from asset sales. For instructive example of that concept, first the NRA Directors created their secret executive meetings to hide their childish political scams from member knowledge, then they more stridently threatened each other with expulsion because the so called secrets were a fool's illusion openly discussed minutes after each executive meeting, then NRA President Charlton Heston sicced an NRA security thug to physically assault a husband who was video-taping his wife, an NRA Director speaking to the Board at an NRA Board meeting, resulting in a successful multi-million dollar lawsuit at cost of NRA member money, then the LaPierre leadership clique barred any member or Director from having a video or tape recorder even in the open Board meetings, and the typical process of power-damaged minds has since become more amusing. The NRA Directors irrationally fear the public disclosure of their own publicly stated words that they pay AcMac PR Consultants millions of NRA dollars to present to the public as the wisdom of NRA leaders, as proven by their actions. You might read the foregoing factual statement again. Their minds are that hilariously screwed-up. What does any institutional power do to the human mind, especially conservatives? Who literally cannot state the obviously true answer to that question?

WHY can you young people answer the preceding two questions, and the conservative adults cannot? Answer the preceding question, and never let your mind become so useless to you, as have the conservative adults.

It is worth your time to simply learn the process of how to be honest. That skill is imperative to advance your mind's knowledge, since nothing sustainable can be built upon a contradiction, such as a lie or error left in place. Conservative adults literally do not know that skill, as the above proves yet again, explaining why all the conservative political organization leaders perpetually bilk gullible members rather than simply achieve their espoused goals.

Therein, if you already made a mistake that creates serious incentive to lie, for example if you were starving and too weak to get a job and too egotistical to ask for help, so you robbed a bank, and you thought you could lie your way out of a prison sentence, go ahead and lie if you wish, but do not rob a bank again, and try to pay back the money. But if you have not yet made the first mistake, simply ask the logical questions about you are going to do. Answer them. If there is a contradiction between the words of your answer and the actions you intend, resolve the contradiction. Read that again, resolve the contradiction. That is easy. Before you act, you are just working with words, that is, thinking. To resolve the contradiction, you need only change the actions or change the words. If you describe your intent to rob the bank as merely a withdrawal of funds from a bank account, similar to TVSA leaders describing their intent to sell TVSA property to make a better TVSA facility at a better place, and the contradiction is obvious to you, or illuminated by someone else, such as your actually robbing a bank or selling-off the TVSA land and lodge to build a new shooting range for TVR&P at a more distant place, then merely change your actions or change your words so there is no contradiction, so your priceless mind trains itself to recognize the next contradictions that will inherently defeat your goal if you create and do not resolve them. Therein if you honestly intend to rob the bank or sell-off TVSA land to benefit TVR&P, simply state in those accurate words that you intend to rob the bank or sell-off TVSA land to benefit TVR&P. That resolves that contradiction. It is your open statement of the accurate, uncontradicted words, to your own mind, that other people already recognize anyway, that will give your mind the accurate data for each subsequent decision based on the first decision. Upon your own mind hearing those accurate words, rather than contradicted words (lies), your mind will derive the only opportunity to make the next decision sustainable.

It is more important to use your mind to create uncontradicted decisions, than to derive all the wealth, power and ego-candy in the world, that are inherently doomed because they are based on a contradiction left in place. Your mind is worth infinitely more than that for which the conservative adults and bank robbers have sold theirs. Because the TVSA leaders are not paid and not likely to get rich from any back room deals on this sale, albeit not the case for certain of those who are encouraging the sale, the most that they can derive is the ego-candy of being a club leader who created what they foolishly perceive as a revitalized club of sportsmen.

But since even a moron can recognize that they will be ridiculed in the future for having sold-off that prime property and being too lazy to simply revitalize a club with actual leadership ability, their current ego-candy is obviously a fool's illusion. That is what happens to a mind that trains itself to adamantly base decisions on inherently untenable, unquestioned contradictions, much to the open laughter of observers.

TVSA leaders flagrantly violate the oldest and most fundamental principles of the human phenomenon often stated by conservatives, just as do bank robbers. The superbly located piece of TVSA property is going to greatly increase in monetary and utility value, leaving the decision to sell it at this time, functionally robbing that much greater value from the next generation of Fairbanks sportsmen. The next generation will be sufficiently intelligent to recognize that obvious fact, unless the current generation of sportsmen train their offspring to be dumb as a post. If you are that offspring, start asking the questions your parents failed or refused to ask.

The next generations will inescapably ask: How could they have been that stupid? And they will answer the question in terms relating to greed and laziness. That will occur because the current leaders are too ignorant to simply ask and answer that fundamental question at this time, before they proverbially rob the bank.

If the current TVSA leaders are too lazy or too ignorant to revitalize a sportsmens organization on such superbly located property increasing in value because it is on the bank of the Chena River close to the population center of sportsmen, then they are more obviously incapable of doing so with inherently corrupting free money on non-descript land more distant from the sportsmen. What happens when you give free money to a lazy or ignorant person? How do the conservatives answer that question, and then what do their actions prove of their words?

I represent some of the opposition to the sale of the TVSA property, albeit with no great intent to preclude such a comedy for the laughter of future generations. The vote at the January 14th TVSA meeting is obviously important to TVSA, for which discussion will again be limited, so there will be time for other business, such as rambling on over the same old useless prattlings by people who want magic to attract more diverse interests to TVSA. Therefore, for the next TVSA newsletter, I will suggest the inclusion of the following paragraph. You may look for it in the newsletter, or be amused by why it was not printed.

TVSA's property on the Chena River is uniquely valuable for Fairbanks area sportsmen. The vote to sell it, to get money for a new indoor shooting range at a more distant place, for the target shooters, cannot escape a thorough analysis by the next generations of Fairbanks sportsmen. You can turn their hindsight into your foresight by simply asking more definitive questions for record, before authorizing the sale. The membership vote at the January 14th meeting, to determine if the property will be sold or retained, will be a roll call vote, recording the names of who voted for and against the sale, as was the first of the two required votes. Therein, each member can identify the extent of their wisdom and their effective questioning of the proposal, for future Fairbanks area sportspersons to thank, or otherwise. The current TVSA leadership has openly revealed their desire to sell the property, and they have limited the discussion of this issue. The minority bases its opposition to the sale on several concepts. Among them is the prediction that future sportspersons will easily recognize the then much greater value of that superb location and total acreage of property on the Chena River close to town, and will refer to those who sold it, in the same manner as commonly suggested of the Indians who sold Manhattan for a bag of shiny glass beads. Other fundamental principles that are violated by the sale, are discussed at www.TVSA.net. The majority leadership represent their considerations at www.TVSA.us. Principled persons do not evade record of the reasoning for their actions, or dodge answering questions, so that future generations may judge their wisdom. DougBuchanan.com, TVSA life member.

Is there any error in any of the above? If so, please inform me. I seek to correct every identified contradiction.

That ought to be enough rabble rousing, trouble causing, arm waving, question asking and general carrying on for this page, at the moment. Wouldn't you agree?


14 January 2003, Tuesday, 7:PM, TVSA meeting, TVSA Lodge, Fairbanks Alaska.

This is just an initial brief note of this meeting, for the superlative amusement it offers. This meeting was much like the previous meeting. TVSA members voted to sell the TVSA land, so they could get money to build an indoor shooting range on some cheap land out in the woods somewhere. Another bag full of pro-sale proxy votes was brought in by the pro-sale leaders. This was the deciding vote. TVSA property will now be sold.

Attending the meeting were TVSA members who have attended the National Rifle Association (NRA) membership meetings, and whose minds cannot identify displayed contradictions, yet alone resolve any.

In the early 1990s, the overtly corrupted NRA leadership was challenged by a membership-oriented group under the direction of Neal Knox, which successfully gained a controlling majority of the Board of Directors, much to the rage of the existing leadership. The primary leader of the new folks was as clueless of how to regain gun owner rights as the folks they replaced, but the level of corruption and obscured money flow was suddenly in jeopardy of being corrected. But because the new group's leader also did not how to efficiently resolve those contradictions, or any other contradictions, the entrenched multi-million dollar money flow of the old guard was used to immediately counter attack. A certain non-competitive bid public relations firm (AcMac) had a huge infrastructure dependent upon NRA's millions of dollars flowing to it, as did the existing NRA Executive Vice President.

So the previous NRA leadership violated the established process to suddenly introduce a classic ringer into the leadership. Movie actor Charlton Heston, a well scripted actor who does precisely as his exorbitantly paid handlers proscribe in his scripts, was suddenly introduced by nomination from the floor, for the one Board position voted into office at the membership meeting, rather than by the mail-in ballots. The rules had to be ignored to allow a floor nomination, rather than vote on the candidates previously nominated by petitions. Of course he was voted into office. He was Charlton Heston.

And then the board elected him as NRA President, because he was Charlton Heston. Pavlov's dog was trained to salivate at the ring of a bell, and humans are first, just an animal species. Heston was elected, because he was Charlton Heston. The vote was very close, between Heston and the new group's leader representing the membership concerns, but Heston won while the majority of mindless Directors salivated. Only the thinkers discussed the fact that Charlton Heston was nationally acclaimed as one of the top five most dedicated anti-gun organization leaders when the 1968 federal gun control act was adopted, the most sweeping anti-gun rights legislation in US history, nearly verbatim to the Nazi Germany law establishing the process to identify gun owners. The thinkers who discussed that fact were rhetorically attacked by AcMac's professionally polished and heavily funded process, much to the amusement of observers.

So with their man now in the top slot, along with the Executive Vice President that the new group failed to promptly fire for cause, the previous NRA leaders needed a public relations gambit to drive the new uncorrupted Board members out of NRA. AcMac created a gambit ideal for Charlton Heston's image.

NRA announced its new image as, MAINSTREAM AMERICAN CITIZENS, and viciously attacked the new Directors as politically zealous gun nuts on the fringes out in the woods, the latter being all gun owners not toeing the new Charlton Heston image line. NRA was portrayed as motherhood and apple pie, part of the community, involved with civic activities, picnics and social affairs, your neighbors and members of the other organizations you join, your church and volunteer fire department friends. The rhetorically fabricated image was used to demonize the new NRA Directors who were suggesting more focused political actions, so their new majority was voted out of office in the next two NRA Director elections, by NRA members mindlessly salivating at AcMac Heston's scripted illusions, much to the howling laughter of observers.

Millions of gun owner dollars were poured into their new image.

And then along comes TVSA in Fairbanks Alaska, much to the howling laughter of observers, functionally stating by its action, that Fairbanks Alaska sportsmen are not part of the community. They are not civic minded people working with other interests for the general good of society. They do not want any part of general community activities or relations. They want to get away from the community. They want to be the fringers out in the woods, and only shoot guns. They want to offer nothing to anyone but their own narrow ilk. They do not want to attract any families, friends or compatible activity interests. It is the target shooters against the community. If you do not want to shoot guns at targets, then TVSA does not want you. Their action speaks for them, and they do not have AcMac or Heston to float any phony images. Their denials of these words identify their dishonesty when you look at their action of selling their superlative property to move out to the fringe for only one purpose.

The current TVSA leaders are proving the environmentalist position, that the gun people are the fringers out in the woods who have nothing to offer a diverse community of a more well-rounded citizenry, and do not want to offer them anything other than shooting guns at targets. TVSA is not of sportsmen, but of target shooters. It is TVTSA, Tanana Valley Target Shooters Association.

Your words will never successfully hide your actions. When you do something so dramatic as to sell one of the most useful and valuable river-side properties in Fairbanks, for easy money, to get away from the community and go out to cheap fringe property in the woods for the exclusive benefit of indoor target shooting, you define yourself in a manner you will never be able to deny.

More hilarious is the fact that the easy money will be pissed away before it can achieve what its target shooting scammers laughably purport to fool the gullible proxies.

It is bad enough when you cannot recognize a contradiction you make, worse when you cannot recognize it after it is meticulously explained by a person who offers to answer every question you can devise to verify the proof, hilarious when you spend millions of dollars on a top Hollywood actor and a multi million dollar PR firm who advertise your contradiction to you, and you still cannot recognize what everyone else in the world recognizes, and yet more hilarious when you create such a glaring contradiction just because you are too damn lazy to work for your own money to build your own indoor target shooting range, and instead strive for the fool's goal of getting something for nothing. Are these conservative gun sorts a hoot, or what?

The word got out immediately. The local environmentalists are already discussing their opportunity to capitalize on the gun people further marginalizing themselves out in the woods, much to the laughter of the observers.

You are always your only enemy. To the extent that you do not think before you act, you will be highly effective in that regard.


More later.

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