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Weblog Day Files
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This page tells you how to tell BlogMax which files belong to which days in your weblog.

Story pages can be named anyting you want. If you want BlogMax to generate HTML automatically, however, they must have a file type of "txt". For example, the file that generated this page is named "dayfiles.txt".

The files that participate in the days of your weblog are named as follows:

"yy" is the last two digits of the year. Hence 2001 is represented as "01". I don't remember where I put the cross over from 1900 to 2000. Look at the code. Change it if you need to.

"mm" is the two digits of the month. January is "01". December is "12".

"dd" is the two digits of the date. I'm not sure what happens if you use a date less than 1 or greater than the number of days in the month. Don't.

The nice way about representing dated files this way is that they sort alphabetically in date order. I found this to be particularly neat when I first learned it many years ago, but then, I'm easily impressed.

You can include dated files in subdirectories of your weblog directory (the one containing weblog.ini), but they won't be handled specially anywhere but in the weblog directory.

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