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If you find value in these pages, please help us keep up the good work. We want to continue providing useful material and improving your ability to Do Freedom. But it's expensive, both in terms of my time and money. Here are some things you can do to help:


I've established affiliate relationships with several business that are likely to provide services or products helpful to sovereign individuals. Rather than scatter annoying ads through the Web site, I've put a description and links to them on one page--the Advertiser's Gallery. If you'd like to support Doing Freedom! when you shop online, please bookmark that page; that will make it easy to support us. Where helpful, I've also included links to businesses in specific articles.

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If you have small amounts of e-gold lying around that you're not doing anything with, and want to put it to work for a good cause, consider transferring it to DF!. I can use it to help defray the costs of maintaining this Web site. So if you aren't using your e-gold, make it Do Freedom! for you! The e-gold account number is 139375, and I thank you for the support.


This won't even cost you anything, but can be a tremendous way to help us help you. Please tell everyone you know who might be interested in DF! about us, and send them our URL: And please ask them to join you in helping spread the word as far as possible. The more traffic the 'zine gets, the more support it's likely to get.

If you have a Web site, please visit our banner page to grab a banner for use on it. We offer a variety to choose from. When linking, please link to our index page, so that new visitors see the introductory information about us and can access the current issue. That URL is If you make your own banner, please send it to me to post for others to use.

Please keep in mind when considering linking to us that some of what we advocate is sure to bother The Powers That Be, and may cause them to target you and/or your ISP if located in the States. We don't know what the likelihood is of this, but you need to be aware of the possibility and what you might choose to do if such a thing happened.

Thanks for helping us to help more individuals Do Freedom!