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Doing Freedom masthead


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If you'd like to place a banner for us on your Web site, please do! You're welcome to select one from here, or, if you prefer, you can use our masthead above. If you really want to be creative, you can make one of your own too; if you do this, please consider e-mailing it to me for inclusion here.

We recommend you link the banner to our home page, so that your browsers can easily access the most recent issue of DF!, and from there browse whatever might interest them. The URL for our home page is http://www.DoingFreedom.com/ . Thanks for helping us spread the word!


General Banners

Doing Freedom basic banner
18K animated banner

Doing Freedom general banner
3K non-animated banner

DF General Banner
57K animated banner

Specialty Message Banners

Doing Freedom RKBA banner
12K animated RKBA banner

Doing Freedom sagebrush rebellion banner
87K animated "sagebrush rebellion" banner

Doing Freedom perpetual tourist banner
49K animated PT banner

Doing Freedom Claire Wolfe banner
109K animated Claire Wolfe banner

Doing Freedom F. Paul Wilson banner
73K animated F Paul Wilson banner

Doing Freedom Patty Neill banner
73K animated Patty Neill banner