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Carl Bussjaeger


You may have noticed a few changes in DF! lately. I've been experimenting with things to try to give our supporters their money's worth. One of them was downloadable zipped issues. As just three people availed themselves of that option, I decided it was an idea who time has not yet come. C'est la vie.

In addition to the Author and Subject indexes, I've finally added a site search engine to help you find exactly what you need.

But best of all, DF!'s Bookstore is now open. We were projecting an April release date for Tom Spooner's new ebook, but something actually ran smoothly for once. "Be Creative! The Spooner Papers" is available now. Check it out; I think you'll like it.

Not only are Be Creative! and Net Assets on the shelves now, but we're planning to release another book, by Sunni Maravillosa, in May. And we just might have a little something else in April.

I mentioned our supporters a couple of paragraphs up. Wouldn't you like to be one, too? DF! can't happen without your support.


I always need articles for future issues: See our guidelines for more information. I particularly want unsubscribing articles. Good topics would include underground economy, interfacing with the gov world (licenses, property taxes, vehicle registration, et cetera), alternate IDs, disappearing, networking, and underground railroads. If you thought of something I missed, send me an article. I'm interested in how-tos and reviews of services and products.

Speaking of reviews; we do that. If you happen to be marketing something - books, software, products, and services - which you'd like us to review (and thus publicize), contact me. I have reviewers on tap with a wide variety of experience. We'll give a fair and honest eval.


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