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When responding to a classified ad with an email box number, write to, with the box number in the subject line. I will forward your correspondence to the party who placed the ad, including your e-mail address. Many people prefer to encrypt all their correspondence for privacy; if you can't use PGP for some reason, consider an encrypted mail service such as MailVault.

For Sale

Writers, donít shoot holes in your credibility. Avoid making mistakes about firearms. Shooting Straight in the Media / A Firearms Guide for Writers will help you avoid the silly errors that mar so many novels, news stories and movies. If youíre not a writer, get a copy for a writer friend or for your local library. Donate a copy to a reporter. Paperback available from the author ( E-book version at

Net Assets - The science fiction novel by Carl Bussjaeger. Read excerpts, more short stories, and buy the book on-line.

Y2K: The Millennium Bug - Autographed copies of this 1999 Prometheus Award finalist for sale for $10 (S&H included). Y2K may have dated the story line, but this suspenseful thriller will always be a great outreach tool that gets people to think about freedom. Order now while supplies last! Write to Box A for ordering information.

Wanted to Buy

Wanted - 10" barrel for a Dan Wesson .44 magnum target pistol. Also want brass in .45 Win Mag. Write to Box J.

Services Sought

Services Offered

Caretaker - Position sought as caretaker, housesitter, or maintenanceman. I can perform household maintenance and basic repairs, including plumbing, electrical, telephone, consumer electronics, drywall, roofing, et cetera, and have tools. I prefer a rural setting, but will consider anything in the United States. Available year-round. References available. More Information Here. Write to: Box C.


New Internet Startup: E-Barricades - Huge potential for profit, freedom and fun! For investment and other information, see


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