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If you find value in these pages, please help us keep up the good work. We want to continue providing useful material and improving your ability to Do Freedom. But it's expensive, both in terms of time and money. Here are some things you can do to help:


This is probably the easiest and most obvious thing to do. Yes, the magazine is free to all browsers, but there's a member version that has some extra features, such as special not-for-public-consumption articles, and members-only announcements. The members-only edition also has ads only in the classified section. There are also some services that are free for members, or give preference to members, including research, advice, references, etc. The cost of a basic subscription is $25, about the same as that of a dinner at Pizza Hut--for a whole year's worth of more of Doing Freedom!

If you have old computer equipment you're no longer using, donate it to us in return for credit toward a subscription! We can use 'most any PC equipment, but are in most need of a scanner and zip drive. See the classifieds for more details.

For instructions on subscribing, please send a PGP encrypted message to Don Lobo Tiggre at tiggre@free-market.net, or a Hushmail encrypted message to DonLobo@Hushmail.com. Yes, we will only discuss financial matters via encrypted means, for your privacy and protection as well as ours. But don't worry, PGP is free and so is Hushmail, which is even easier to use. DF! does accept e-gold. If you think we're overly paranoid about privacy, please allow us to explain why it's so important to us.


This won't even cost you anything, but can be a tremendous way to help us help you. Please tell everyone you know who might be interested in DF! about us, and send them our URL: http://www.DoingFreedom.com. And please ask them to join you in helping spread the word as far as possible. The more traffic we can get and keep, the more leverage we have with advertisers; the more we can get advertisers to pay for our costs, the less we have to ask of you.

If you have a Web site, please visit our banner page to grab a banner for use on it. We offer a variety to choose from. When linking, please link to our index page, so that new visitors see the introductory information about us and can access the current issue. That URL is http://www.DoingFreedom.com/.


If you know people in businesses that would be interested in reaching DF! readers, please suggest that they contact me (at: DonLobo@hushmail.com , PGP and/or Hushmail encryption preferred). DF! readers, so far, tend to be people who are in the market for books, guns (and related materials/services), camping & survival equipment, high-tech gadgets, computer hardware and software, privacy hardware and software, on-line business opportunities (but not MLM, generally), travel services, and other freedom-related products and services.

Thanks for helping us to help more individuals Do Freedom!