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Glory All Around, my journal
End the War on Freedom, my political blog
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Muzzle Energy Computer
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Founding Documents of the United States
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From the Mouths of Babes
Dance Me to a Deer Collision


A Declaration of Separation by The Free and The Unashamed
The Aristocracy of Action - author unkown
The Second Realm - Book on Strategy by Smuggler and XYZ, copied from here.
A No-Holds-Barred Guide for the Unemployed But Not Helpless - an essay. HTML version of this (115K PDF).
Redeclaration of the American Republic
Ron Paul on Patriotism, 22 May, 2007
Robert A. Heinlein Quotes
The Notebooks of Lazarus Long (more Heinlein quotes)
The Voluntaryist Spirit by Carl Watner
The Only Path To Tomorrow by Ayn Rand
Sharing Thoughts by Iloilo Margaret Jones
The 7-Lesson Schoolteacher by John Taylor Gatto
The Living Bill of Rights by Edgar J. Steele
An Open Letter to Our Fathers and Grandfathers by Aaron Zelman
The Wild and Free Pigs Of the Okefenokee Swamp
War Flyer by Thomas L. Knapp
The Death of Politics by Karl Hess
From Far Right to Far Left - and Farther - With Karl Hess by James Boyd
Open Your Eyes... and WAKE UP (text version)
A Conservative Case Against Identity Cards by Sean Gabb
Traitors All, my demand for the immediate resignation of every member of the senate and house who voted for the so-called "Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Bill".
The Nazi Mind-set in America by Jacob G. Hornberger
Congressman Ron Paul, House of Representatives, November 29, 2001
The War Prayer by Mark Twain
A Sad State of Affairs by Ron Paul
The Freeman's Constitution by Wolf DeVoon
To Terrorists by L. Pitts 9/15/2001
American Pie by Earl
De Facto vs. De Jure by Dave Lyons
Understanding Jurisdiction by anonymous
My Response to Blow by Bill St. Clair
Libertarian Party Banner Ads
Google Bomb: Food Nazis
Google Bomb: Organized Crime
Google Bomb: Fucking Cocksuckers Commission
Google Bomb: Verizon Wants Helpless Employees
John Gilmore's Ecstacy Sentencing letter of 2/2/2001
The Lie of Cannabis Prohibition by Bill St. Clair
Your Right and Duty to Acquit by Bill St. Clair
Hemp Letter 1/12/2001 by Bill St. Clair
Millennium Marijuana March Pictures
Serendipity Excerpts
Gold Confiscation Order of 1933
Investigating Terrorism and Criminal Extremism
Public Servant Questionnaire


Jeff Cooper's Rules of Gun Safety
Muzzle Energy Computer
Muzzle Energy for Palm
Ruger 10/22 Replacement Triggers by Bill St. Clair
Disassembling a Big-Bore Marlin Lever Gun by Ken Valentine
Kel-Tec Sub2000 Resources
Firearms References
This is My Battle Rifle
The Five-Minute Handbook by
Why Did it Have to be ... Guns? by L. Neil Smith
On Concealed Carry and the NRA by L. Neil Smith
A Nation of Cowards by Jeffrey R. Snyder
Walter Mitty's Second Amendment by Jeff Snyder (off-site) *
Shooting Them Finally Comes Into Play by Liz Michael
Guns and Freedom by Bill Whittle
The Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Report of the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the United States Senate, Ninety-Seventh Congress, Second Session, February 1982
Whether the Second Amendment Secures an Individual Right, August 24, 2004 Memorandum Opinion for the Attorney General
A Blueprint for Ending Gun Control by L. Neil Smith and Aaron Zelman 8/16/2001
Jury Nullification and the 2nd Amendment by Guy Smith
Liberty by Peter J. Mancus
Letter to Rick Stanley's Sentencing Judge by Peter J. Mancus
To Those Who Believe They Are "In Charge" by David Codrea
They're Here... ...and Here, and Here by Jim Davidson
300 Yard Self Defense by Kerodin


Lisplog - a templating system for maintaining a blog-like web site.
BlogMax - A simple emacs-based blogging system.
JMaze - a simple first-person-shooter maze game Java applet and application.
Truledger - an anonymous, digitally-signed general ledger and trading system.
HTML Redirection Example - using the HTTP-EQUIV meta tag
iPhone 4S Battery Replacement - iFixit to the rescue!


2013 Honda PCX150
Solar Pole Barn
Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones
Vandersteen 2cd Signature II Speakers
Klipsch KW-100 Subwoofer
Swan M200MkIII Powered Speakers
Grado SR60i Headphones
NuForce Icon uDAC
M-Audio AV 40 Powered Speakers
Xaphoon: The Pocket Sax
2008 Silver Eagle
Five Silver Rounds
Marlin Portrait - My Marlin 444P
Marlins Posed - My two Marlin lever guns
Ricochet - 13 October, 2001 10/13/2001
Eagle Sharpening His Talons 9/27/2001
God Bless America (135K) 9/22/2001
Holey CommU.Nists Batman 9/22/2001
Sentry S2210 9/23/2001
Hunter Arms L.C. Smith 8/6/2001
Remington 870 Express 12 GA 28" 8/30/2001
Ruger .22 & Crosman BB
2005 Honda Civic LX Sedan
Lone Cloud (149K)
Buckeye Tree in Bloom (362K)
Washington, DC, 7 June, 2001
Luna Moth (89K)
The Second Nor'easter of 2001
Matrushka pictures, November 2000
Rome pictures, October 2000
Bear Mailbox
Friends of Bear Mailbox 8/22/2001
Tree Falls on House, 2 June, 2012
Tree Fall, 1 December, 2006
The Beginning of Katrina (not)

Astronomy Pictures

Mars Map, A National Geographic map of Mars.
Earthlights, Nasa's picture of the whole earth at night.
Astronomy Picture of the Day


Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do by Peter McWilliams
The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck


Gloryroad: The Writings of George Potter
The Complete 9/11 Timeline
The Power of Nightmares
Holocaust Education and Prevention mirror
Frog Farm Mirror
Doing Freedom! mirror
Freedom Guide by J. Croft
Texas Constitution 2000 mirror
The Citizen's Rulebook
Anarchist Theory FAQ by Bryan Caplan Mirror +
The Claire Files Mirror +
Wolfe's Lodge Mirror +
Lux Lucre's Flash Page (Kerry Pearson, RIP)
Larken Rose TMDS mailing list
Jeff Cooper's Commentaries
Fatal Blindness - Fulton Huxtable's book
J. Orlin Grabbe mirror
Global Settlement Foundation
Network Forensics Evasion: How to Exit the Matrix
EFF's 2004 April Fools page
Google Nest (parody site from
Legion of the Bouncy Castle Java Cryptgraphy Library
The World Order, A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism by Eustace Mullins
Cypherpunks archive, September 1992 to December 1998 (58.9 megs)


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