Why I Hate Cops

Someone in a Facebook group didn't understand why I hate cops. He has good friends who are cops. That elicited this short essay.


Somehow, I've managed to live for 61 years without EVER needing a cop. If somebody forces me to defend myself, and I can't see a way to discretely dispose of the corpse, I may one day have to call one, to drag that corpse away. Before dialing 911, I will ensure that all guns and pets are securely locked up. Since I'm not black, I will probably survive the encounter.

Occasionally a good man joins the police force. He quickly learns that if he is not to be Serpico'd, and have HIS career ruined, he will support his fellow officers, no matter how corrupt their souls and no matter how heinous their crimes.

When the police start policing their own, making sure that ANY criminal action is first punished locally, and then sent to the DA, for indictment, trial, and incarceration in gen pop, I'll think of considering that they have a useful purpose.

When every malum prohibitum statute is stricken from the books, and the police are tasked with nothing but hunting down actual criminals who have committed actual crimes,the intentional and non-consensual harm of person or property, maybe I'll be able to support them.

When the focus of the criminal justice system becomes real justice, meaning restitution, making the victim whole, maybe I'll be able to support them.

Until then, the police are a huge, criminal gang, the enforcement goons for the state's massive extortion racket (taxation). I want them dead. To the last Satan's spawn.