OT: Gee, remember school lunch?

According to the news (a while back, to be sure), they’ve had to raise school lunch prices in Portsmouth, NH, because participation is down. The kids ain’t buying the lunches, but prefer to brown-bag it — or go without. You have to go way, way, way deep into the story to find out why.

Officials cited several factors in the dwindling of school meal purchases. One is implementation of new guidelines as part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act championed by first lady Michelle Obama, which requires a fruit or vegetable be served with the meal and originally restricted protein and grain to 2 ounces per day.

“The implementation of these guidelines has had a greater effect than was anticipated,” Bartlett said Tuesday night.

via Portsmouth school meal prices hiked 25 cents | SeacoastOnline.com.

Ah, so that’s the answer! The kids stopped buying lunch when the lunches started sucking worse. Who could have predicted that? And there’s another interesting detail in there. Yes, the First Wookiee, who’s projected the “body issues” she has with her own two-axe-handles’-worth of posterior onto America’s undeserving schoolchildren, has restricted kids to basically trace amounts of meat. And now the kids (their parents, really) can pay more for the food they’ve already demonstrated they don’t like.

The countdown to “preference cascade” is running.

Perhaps the fact that the Washington would-be micromanagers don’t get the incentives around the subject of guns is not a unique thing. Perhaps it’s a marker for something deeper that they’re no better at managing school lunches than they are at fighting crime with dumb-ass gun laws.

But we can probably be thankful that government is the most inefficient social organization the human race has yet devised. Imagine the disaster if we actually got all the government we pay for!

4 thoughts on “OT: Gee, remember school lunch?

  1. Nicholas Darkwater

    This falls into the Fox Butterfield Effect (“Prison population increases despite the fact that the crime rate is decreasing.”) Here we have “We’re losing money because no one wants to buy our crap, so let’s increase prices.” This is the same mindset that insists that you can tax your way to prosperity.

    Other school districts have banned brown bag lunches because they say that the parents can’t be trusted to pack healthy food like the school sells.

    1. Hognose Post author

      A fellow once described ‘taxing your way to prosperity’ as “standing in a bucket and trying to pick yourself up by the handle.” Yet people still think they can do it, even though he’s been dead for nearly fifty years, and people understood the problem (Bastiat and Smith to name a couple) a hundred — hundred-fifty years before that. (You may have heard of the guy. Winston S. Churchill, prizewinning author with some other attainments).

      As far as the brown bag goes, who are you gonna trust with your kid’s health, yourself or some highly credentialed union member?

  2. Andy

    Just like everything else now,the government knows what’s best for everybody,except that they exempt themselves from the controlling laws that they pass for the rest of us.The Feds screw so much up I am beginning to wonder that if they pass confiscation laws for weapons,if they could actually do it correctly,without shooting themselves.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  3. Aesop

    This, brought to you by the geniuses who raised bus fares to cover dwindling ridership, and couldn’t fathom that when the price of a token was higher than the gallon of gas it took to get to work, people started driving in droves, and poorer people couldn’t afford to ride anymore at all.

    One could only gape in astonishment that bus drivers with solid 80-and-up IQs did’t sue the cities for stupidity, but generally, they were getting paid to drive the routes even if the busses were all empty.

    So in this case, the object isn’t so much to feed kids, as it is to subsidize the sawdust and tofu industries, and provide a jobs program for people unqualifed for aught but funneling a certain amount of wood chips and bean curd into boxes every day.

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