Breaking: did Boston Bombers use fireworks for testing?

A local newspaper on the NH Seacoast has confirmed that one of the Boston bombers bought high-end consumer fireworks two months ago. But fireworks experts say that his purchases couldn’t have produced the Boston bangs. One suggests that he used the fireworks for testing timers. It is commonplace for bombers — successful ones, at least —  to conduct numerous tests before going “live.”

SEABROOK — Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older of the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects, bought fireworks at a Seabrook store in February, the store manager confirmed. But a fireworks expert said it’s impossible for him to have created such a devastating explosion solely with what he bought there.

April Walton of Phantom Fireworks on Route 1 said that on Feb. 6, Tsarnaev paid $200 cash to buy two “Lock and Load” reloadable mortar kits with 24 shells each.

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“There’s no evidence that anything from that kit was used in the bombings,” Walton said.

Shawn Connors, the chief executive officer of RS Fireworks who said he has experience with improvised explosive devices from being deployed in Iraq, said there is “no way” Tsarnaev could have created the type of explosions seen at the Boston Marathon with consumer-level fireworks.

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Like guns, which the bombers also got hold of (although reports here are changing daily), and bombs, ditto, consumer fireworks are banned in Boston (and Massachusetts generally), where liberty has been swapped for security (how’s that working out for you?). But they are freely available in libertarian New Hampshire. Seabrook is the first town outside the People’s Republic of Massachusetts wire, and is the first exit off I-95 from Boston in NH. Phantom Fireworks is the largest of many fireworks dealers on US 1 (the secondary avenue of approach from Boston) in Seabrook and is close to the ramp at Exit 1. Massachusetts State Police have been known to stake out the fireworks dealers and follow customers with Bay State plates them back in-state to arrest them for fireworks possession.

Meanwhile, both the State Police and FBI failed to act on tips that Tamerlan Tsarneyev had been radicalized in the extremist Islamic Society of Boston mosque and had trained in Chechnya or Dagestan. It’s not that they couldn’t find him (he was, and had been since coming to the USA, on public assistance and the benefits checks always found him).  It was a matter of priorities.

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  1. Y.

    Wow. Fireworks are banned in MA?
    Fuck, that place is crazy. Pepper spray illegal, Swiss Army knives* ditto, and fireworks too?
    Those are legal even in Germany and China and the like..

    Everyone’s lucky the brothers Kablamazov weren’t more canny about explosives. Blackpowder’s the easiest one to use…

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