Thought Jimi was a badass Hendrix? Meet Kent.

Kent HendrixKent’s a martial arts instructor. He’s also a middle-aged guy, a Mormon bishop (something we think is a little less exalted and hoity-toity among the LDS than, say, a Catholic or Episcopalian bishop), and a guy who really wants you to get off his lawn. Especially if you’re beating up some lady on there. 

Kent Hendrix woke up Tuesday to his teenage son pounding on his bedroom door and telling him somebody was being mugged in front of their house. The 47-year-old father of six rushed out the door and grabbed the weapon closest to him — a 29-inch high carbon steel Samurai sword.

He came upon what he describes as a melee between a woman and a man. His son stayed inside to call 911 while he approached the man along with other neighbors who came to help. The martial arts instructor didn’t hesitate in drawing the sword and yelling at him to get on the ground.

“His eyes got as big as saucers and he kind of gasped and jumped back,” Hendrix said by phone Tuesday afternoon. “He’s probably never had anyone draw a sword on him before.”

via Samurai sword-wielding Mormon bishop comes to aid of woman being attacked | Fox News.

Well, yeah, we reckon. What were we saying, just this week, about self-defense being a matter of mind more than weapons? Yeah, that thing. As the perp fled, Hendrix, who had enough information for the cops to track him down, yelled “You are so done!”  at the retreating miscreant.

Who showed a considerably meeker side as he crept into the police station to turn himself in on multiple charges.

You really need to Read The Whole Thing because the Fox News writer had as much fun with it as we’re having.

Now, we don’t recommend a sword as a first-line weapon — you could be the guy who brought a sword to a gunfight, which really puts a premium on your kendo skills