Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week: Reviews

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 8.06.15 AMWe’ve featured Guns magazine before, but for its 50-year-old archive issues. This time, we need to say a few words about their the reviews on a similarly titled website.

CORRECTION: this is a different Guns than the print magazine, whose website is at They’re the guys who have the cool back issues. Thanks to Dan in the comments! -Ed.

Guns posts six reviews a week. Once a week, they post a video review. A typical review has a description of the gun, some photographs and the results of a brief range visit or two. The reviews are not torture tests, but the site is a great way to learn about new products.

Uberti-Hombre-3The reviews are a good way to learn about something new, for example, this budget Uberti “Hombre” Single Action. (This review is of a .45 version… as God is our witness, there was also a review of a 12-shot .22 version there, but we couldn’t navigate back to the .22 review; it’s there somewhere). The reviews sometimes have magazine-quality photos, like this one of the Uberti from that review, which is a nice thing. They’re sometimes brutally frank, like this review of an unusual pistol that just didn’t work very well, or this scathing review of a French silhouette pistol. and occasionally they’re not even about guns, but about useful gadgets. For example, they wrote up this review of a round counter — kind of a fuel gage for guns, that counts down the rounds left in your 1911, Beretta 92, or AR magazine.

(Aside: the technology is being pushed by the military right now, but the military wants both “fuel gage” and “odometer” [cumulative count] capabilities. There are good reasons for the latter — review of engagement dynamics, desire to retire guns before they’re in the fatigue failure zone or become inaccurate — and a bad reason: to give evidence to the lawyers looking to turn every gunfight into an excessive force case. The model they review is not .mil ready because its invisible under NODs).

Do we have a beef? Yes. The reviews are not consistent in the information they offer. Most don’t mention product price, which is always a concern (even the wealthy like to get value for their money). And they occasionally  use file photos instead of images of the actual gun reviewed.

But in any event, no matter how well you know guns, there’s always something new coming down the pike, and chances are, it’ll show up in Guns magazine’s reviews. While you’re over there, don’t forget the back issues from fifty years ago, and throw some love to their advertisers so they can keep doing this for all of us!

The W4 this week: Guns Magazine Reviews.

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